(T.R.R.) WWE: Stone Cold Could Not Do a Stunner Even If He Wanted to

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Stone Cold Sucking On 15/3/10 Edition of Raw

From what I’ve seen in some recent articles, forums and just street talk. A lot of people have been complaining on how “Watered Down” Stone Cold was on RAW. I just wanted to write this to educate people so that they could understand why Stone Cold was as they say “Watered Down”.

No Finger Flips & PG Censorship:

As you all know this is the PG Era, meaning of course they’re going to be censoring all bad words. Now ASS is not exactly a BAD WORD but this being PG, PG-14 words are going to get censored. No one should be surprised by this. There is no reason to keep on complaining about it. Another thing people were mad about was that he did not give anyone the finger.

What are you nine?

I understand that Stone Cold giving people the finger was part of his badass character but does it really matter? Of course not. Well not to me, at least. What I remember most and care about Stone Cold. is his attitude and anyone who saw his 3 segments (and I wish he did more) could see he is still the same Stone Cold, just older. His short segment with Jericho was gold and brought me memories of the good old days of wrestling. Of course with age, come maturity, He is still the bad ass, we came to love and admire (we all could see it in his promo and the contract signing) but at the same time you have to imagine he going to change. He knows that he is not 30 anymore. He is not going to make a fool out of himself, like someone we know, “cough” Hulk Hogan "cough.Of course he is not going to be beating people down or acting like he can still wrestle.

That’s where the other big complaint comes in.

Why were there no stunners?

A lot of people were complaining and mad because Stone Cold did not stun anyone or even beat anyone down. This is something people have to understand. Even if the WWE wanted to use Stone Cold, in a more physical role he can’t. Stone Cold may be doing action movies but that doesn’t mean that he is in perfect health. He has bad knees, and from my understanding the Stunner is something that requires phyical conditioning that he just doesn’t have. It is the same with Hulk Hogan. He can’t do the leg drop anymore, because of his body has been so broken and worn out. Hell the man is 45 year old people, after so many year of putting his body on the line for us, the fans, I will not hate him or be disappointed if he didn’t do anything really physical. As much as I wanted Cena to get stunned, it just was not going to happen. Even if it was going to be a treat for us, the adults. Personally just having him back for a night was a nice treat for me. The kids could get a glimpse of one of the real superstars.

What you think readers?

Did you expect more from Stone cold ? Are you okay with what little he did?

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