Today (2005): A Huge Irish Dude Makes a Fool of Himself

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Today (2005): A Huge Irish Dude Makes a Fool of Himself

mcgwireToday happens to be St. Patrick’s Day and coincidentally it also happens to be the five year anniversary of the day when a big Irish baseball player sat down in front of Congress and told the world that “steroids is bad”. 

It was on March 17, 2005 that Major League Baseball had their day of reckoningin front of the House Government Reform Committe and players like Rafael Palmiero, Sammy Sosa and the afore-referenced Mark McGwire made fools of themselves when they danced around questions about their use of performance enhancing drugs. 

But, hey at least Big Mac wore a green tie that day. 

Of course all’s well that ends well, and with a quick, teary-eyed admission with Bob Costas in 2010, McGwire is now back in the dugout as the hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Oh and steroids didn’t help him hit the ball further…at all. 

With today being such a traditionally joyful holiday, let’s forget about all that negative stuff and instead celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a cheap collage of some notable people who had the name Patrick (and a frightening leprechaun).


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