Mailbag Question: Regarding Grady and what to do?

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Mailbag Question: Regarding Grady and what to do?
Hey Guys,

Well we all have heard about Grady and his problem, but what do you guys think Coach R-Rod should do about it? Suspend him for a couple of games, no games (but extra time with Barwis), or gone for the year?

Might be a tough question, but how do you look at it and also this is Coach R-Rod first major problem and this might set the tone for him at Michigan and how the media reacts towards it. If he is to light, they will say one thing and if he is to hard then they will say he went overboard.

Do coaches have a set deal if a kid does this he is gone, if he does something else he misses a couple of game, if he does something minor he just does extra time with Barwis?

Does he make an example out of probably one of the leaders on this team or does he set the stage and tells kids this is how things are done ... if they didn't know the rules ahead of time.

Could this bring the team closer together or could this distract them since it seemed like Grady was a good kid and got along with the team and just made a error in judgment.

Where would this leave him on the depth charts as well.

Sorry for all the questions, but thanks for answering them.



Thanks for the questions. Coach Rod or any coach should stick to the policies they have set up.

As a teacher and coach it has been my experience that making example of first offender, to later let up does not work. Set up your policies and then follow through on them. If players know exactly what to expect, the discipline is generally more effective.

The most important thing is to treat every one the same. You cannot treat a star differently than a third string player just because losing your star hurts your chances of winning. After being suspended, I would expect Grady, or any player to be on bottom rung of the depth chart, and forced to earn his playing time

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