Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao: One Big, Hilarious Bob Arum Extravaganza!

dragonslayerGHCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 22:  Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather in his first open workout since coming out of retirement, as he prepares for his fight against Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico, at Peacock Gym on May 22, 2009 in London, England.  The fight's due to take place on July 18, 2009 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather Jr. says Manny Pacquiao is a one-dimensional amateur fighter. Can you agree to that?

Okey, let us try to break this down as logically, systematically, and, perhaps, hilariously, as possible and see what we shall get in the end of this analysis. I assure you dear readers, there is the lighter side to all this madness! Help me out on this guys.

According to reports out of cagereport.com, "Mayweather, hot on a comeback trail and out to regain that lofty position as the best pound for pound boxer he once held" said things that would surely help the realization of that much anticipated Mega-Fight of the Decade.

"Personally, I think Pacquiao got exposed in that fight (Pacquiao vs. Clottey) for being one-dimensional," Maywearher said.

"You can have all [the] offense ability in the world but with no defense you're not going to last long against a good counter puncher such as myself. Look at the way Clottey was getting through, each time he threw something it landed."

Well for one thing, It is really easy to follow Mayweather's logic, and, it really likes it's holding on. But, wait, have we considered that over half of the time that Clottey's punches landed, Pacquiao was actually baiting him to expose himself?

In short, Pacquiao risked being hit big time several times throughout the fight if only to have that rare opportunity to land his own power punches!  Pacquiao wanted to fight toe-to-toe with a much bigger man and a top welterweight for that matter! Often times being motionless in-front of Clottey!

But alas! Clottey would not bite the Pacquiao trap! Because, he knows fully well, if he did, he would certainly be another Pacquiao stat, just like David Diaz, Oscar Dela Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and, Miguel Cotto whose machismo got the better of them! And, who knows, Clottey could have elected the right strategy!

Look at him now, body and soul still intact, waiting for that  Pacquiao storm to blow-over and still ready to battle the welterweights. As the Chinese Proverb goes: One step backward, two steps forward. Besides, he's got those little extra millions from the  Pacquiao fight!

Look at Morales, Barrera, Dela Hoya, secured Hall of Famers all, but their careers plummeted after their own encounters with Pacquiao. How about Diaz, Solis, Hatton, and the rest of the so called Pacquiao casualties in boxing?

It was only the exception of Juan Marquez that used his " Pacquiao Credentials" that gave him that rare opportunity to fight in a Mega-Fight against Mayweather. But alas, unlike  Pacquiao, he miserably performed in the welterweights. Would he be willing to do battle now with  Pacquiao at welterweight? Perhaps, he would, if only to earn that extra millions for his retirement even if he would end up a Dela Hoya, Haton, Cotto and a Clottey combined!

And now, let us talk about the much likely punch statistics in a fight between Mayweather and  Pacquiao or simply, punchstat.

With reference to the title of this article and should the much anticipated Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight pushes through, either late this year or before the permanent retirement of anyone of these two gifted boxers, I could see the following punchstat, based on their recent history as boxers, thus:


A Normal Scenario

1. Mayweather shall be throwing around 600 punches (assuming he is allowed to use that controversial xelocyline in his brittle hands) in a 12 round encounter with  Pacquiao with over 300 punches landing. 100 of these 300 hundred punches shall be power punches. Agreed all ye Mayweather fans?

2. Pacquiao shall be throwing as much as 950 punches (mostly, blowing in the wind!) for 12 rounds and shall only be landing 220 punches. And 80 of these 220 shall be power punches. Agreed all ye Pacquiao fans?


An Unusual Scenario

When Mayweather shall fight a "Clottey Fight" or a very defensive fight, Mayweather style (on his bicycle!), with very minimal engagements but still hoping to win the fight based on "landed punches".

3. Mayweather shall be throwing 300 punches and landing 150. Only 50 punches shall be power punches.

4.  Pacquiao shall be throwing 900 punches and landing only 100. Only 40 punches shall be power punches.

Mayweather shall have a good chance to win the fight, if the referee shall not stop the fight and declare it a no contest and/or the contest shall be brought and decided in the track oval for all to see who is the faster runner of the two idiot boxers! Of course, Pacquiao's Pacdog named Pacman, a Jack Russel breed, shall join his master in the oval! LOL

In the first scenario, Pacquiao shall still have that outside chance to win if he is going to catch Mayweather pretty hard. Remember Rounds Three and Four of the Cotto vs. Pacquiao fight. Although Cotto was winning on points, Pacquiao was landing the more powerful punches.

But you and I believe that Mayweather shall try to pull the fight to the second scenario because his chances of winning in that scenario shall increase each passing round.

However, Mayweather could only hope for a win via a decision if the referee shall be winded and confused with all the running (the boxers) and the shouting (the audience, and perhaps, including the boxers and their corners!), and, thus, will not declare the fight as a no contest. Whew! This is too much!

A third scenario could developed if  Pacquiao shall suddenly realized the silliness of the whole fight and declare a "no mas, no mas"! A riot shall ensued! God Bless wherever is the venue and whoever are at the venue!

You do not believe a riot can happen in such a mega-boxing fight? Watch out when a 100,000 strong and very angry spectators rushing to the ring and every available exit because they would feel cheated and crushed by 200,000 feet! If you do not believe this is possible then just watch the National Geographic Channel's Anatomy of a Stampede.

If such riot shall happen, then, that shall be the end of boxing con track and field!

So long fellas, see you at the venue!