Eagles Sign Free Agent RB Mike Bell to One Year Contract

Anti RavisContributor IMarch 16, 2010

Fresh off a trade that shocked everyone with it’s uselessness, the Eagles continued to shoot for the middle by adding veteran running back Mike Bell. I hate to follow one unimpressed post with another but it’s hard to hide the disappointment when news pours in from the Eagles front office about anything other than a trade involving some member (any member!) from their arsenal of quarterbacks.

Bell, who will meet with the media tomorrow morning at 10:30 am, will be joining his fourth team in four years after starting in Denver, a brief stay in Houston and the past two years with the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. Last year he averaged 3.8 yards per carry on 172 runs for 654 total yards and five touchdowns. With the Eagles, Bell will compete with Eldra Buckley and former CFL stand-out Martell Mallett for playing time behind the Eagles’ starting tailback LeSean McCoy. Expect fullback Leonard Weaver to play a significant role in this running game as well, likely garnering the offense’s second highest carry total, as he did in 2009. Bell has some experience playing from the fullback position so it is possible that we will see him and Weaver switch positions and give opposing defenses something to think about in the red zone. With Weaver at 6′0″, 250 lbs. and Bell at 6′0″ 225 lbs. this pair of running backs adds an appreciable dimension to this running game.

The Saints have seven days to match the Eagles offer sheet for Bell and will receive no compensation should they defer.