Fantasy Baseball Draft Review: Blog Wars 15 Team NFBC Style

Charlie SaponaraContributor IMarch 17, 2010

JUPITER, FL - MARCH 02:  Shortstop Hanley Ramirez #2 of the Florida Marlins during photo day at Roger Dean Stadium on March 2, 2010 in Jupiter, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images
Last night I participated in my first official draft of the season. 
Big thanks to Dave from for the invite. He has put together a tremendous collection of talented fantasy baseball writers.  Below are the results by round as well as a few notes on my picks. 
The league is 15 teams with positions of C (2), 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF (5), UT, P (9), BN (7). 
I drafted from the two spot. 
Keep in mind that some of the participants couldn't make the start of the draft or had to leave at some point.  All in all it was a great draft and I am very much looking forward to what should be a very competitive league.


1. Fantasy Phenoms - Jason Sarney
2. Fantasy Baseball 365 - Yours truly
4. Roto Savants - Ryan Restivo and Troy Patterson
5. Advanced Fantasy Baseball - Jon Williams
6. Chinstrap Ninjas - John Zaktanski
7. Lesters Legends - Ryan Lester and Delon Ferdinand
8. Fantasy Gameday - Ivar Anderson
9. Roto Rob - Tim McLeod and Buck D
10. Roto Professor - Eric Stashin and Jimmy Hascup
11. Roto Community - Dave Gawron and Pat Mayo
12. Fantasy Baseball Sherpa - Scott Swanay
13. Fantasy Baseball .com - Ed Lilly
14. Fantasy Baseball Geeks - Joe Pisapia
15. The Fantasy Man - Mike Kuchera


Round: 1
(1) New York FantasyPhenoms - Albert Pujols 1B
(2) Chicago FB 365 - Hanley Ramirez SS
(3) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Ryan Braun LF
(4) Boston RotoSavants - Alex Rodriguez 3B
(5) Texas Advanced FB - Matt Kemp CF
(6) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Chase Utley 2B
(7) Florida LestersLegends - Prince Fielder 1B
(8) Detroit FantasyGameday - Miguel Cabrera 1B
(9) Toronto RotoRob - Evan Longoria 3B
(10) Washington RotoProfessor - Mark Teixeira 1B
(11) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Ryan Howard 1B
(12) New York FB Sherpa - David Wright 3B
(13) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Joe Mauer C
(14) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Tim Lincecum SP
(15) New York Fantasy Man - Carl Crawford LF


Glad to be drafting two and glad to snag the game's top shortstop. 


Round: 2
(16) New York Fantasy Man - Roy Halladay SP
(17) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Troy Tulowitzki SS
(18) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Matt Holliday LF
(19) New York FB Sherpa - Derek Jeter SS
(20) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Justin Upton RF
(21) Washington RotoProfessor - Ian Kinsler 2B
(22) Toronto RotoRob - Jacoby Ellsbury CF
(23) Detroit FantasyGameday - Pablo Sandoval 3B
(24) Florida LestersLegends - Adrian Gonzalez 1B
(25) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Zack Greinke SP
(26) Texas Advanced FB - Dustin Pedroia 2B
(27) Boston RotoSavants - Felix Hernandez SP
(28) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Ryan Zimmerman 3B
(29) Chicago FB 365 - Grady Sizemore CF
(30) New York FantasyPhenoms - Jimmy Rollins SS


I was more than happy to see Grady Sizemore here.  He should bounce back in a big way this season.


Round: 3
(31) New York FantasyPhenoms - Joey Votto 1B
(32) Chicago FB 365 - Jose Reyes SS
(33) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Ichiro Suzuki RF
(34) Boston RotoSavants - CC Sabathia SP
(35) Texas Advanced FB - Aaron Hill 2B
(36) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Victor Martinez C
(37) Florida LestersLegends - Kevin Youkilis 3B
(38) Detroit FantasyGameday - Adam Lind LF
(39) Toronto RotoRob - Robinson Cano 2B
(40) Washington RotoProfessor - Brian McCann C
(41) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Mark Reynolds 3B
(42) New York FB Sherpa - Dan Haren SP
(43) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Justin Morneau 1B
(44) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Kendry Morales 1B
(45) New York Fantasy Man - Brian Roberts 2B


This was one of the hardest decisions of the entire draft for me.  Jose Reyes is out with a hyperactive thyroid and may miss opening day. 
From what I gather, his illness is something that can be treated with medication and it shouldn't affect his overall performance too much.  Reyes was feeling fine during early spring workouts, specifically with regards to his hamstring injury last season. 
I think he'll be healthy for the most part in 2010 and at this spot in the draft he could give me a dynamic SS/MI combo that could pay huge dividends in the end.


Round: 4
(46) New York Fantasy Man - Jayson Werth RF
(47) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Aramis Ramirez 3B
(48) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Jon Lester SP
(49) New York FB Sherpa - Brandon Phillips 2B
(50) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Ben Zobrist 2B
(51) Washington RotoProfessor - B.J. Upton CF
(52) Toronto RotoRob - Adam Wainwright SP
(53) Detroit FantasyGameday - Andre Ethier RF
(54) Florida LestersLegends - Nick Markakis RF
(55) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Jonathan Broxton RP
(56) Texas Advanced FB - Billy Butler 1B
(57) Boston RotoSavants - Jason Bay LF
(58) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Adam Dunn 1B
(59) Chicago FB 365 - Justin Verlander SP
(60) New York FantasyPhenoms - Nelson Cruz RF


Sure, I just got done writing an article that says, "Try not to draft a pitcher until the seventh round." 
That still holds true in 12 team mixed leagues, but the deeper the league the more willing I am to reach a little for pitching.  As you can see below I went back-to-back with two pitchers that should put up huge strikeout numbers.  I believe I have two top-ten arms at the top of my rotation.


Round: 5
(61) New York FantasyPhenoms - Shin-Soo Choo RF
(62) Chicago FB 365 - Yovani Gallardo SP
(63) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Mariano Rivera RP
(64) Boston RotoSavants - Cliff Lee SP
(65) Texas Advanced FB - Curtis Granderson CF
(66) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Chone Figgins 3B
(67) Florida LestersLegends - Josh Hamilton CF
(68) Detroit FantasyGameday - Alexei Ramirez SS
(69) Toronto RotoRob - Carlos Lee LF
(70) Washington RotoProfessor - Johan Santana SP
(71) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Gordon Beckham 3B
(72) New York FB Sherpa - Bobby Abreu RF
(73) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Michael Young 3B
(74) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Andrew McCutchen CF
(75) New York Fantasy Man - Chris Carpenter SP


See above.


Round: 6
(76) New York Fantasy Man - Adam Jones CF
(77) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Tommy Hanson SP
(78) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Derrek Lee 1B
(79) New York FB Sherpa - Torii Hunter CF
(80) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Matt Wieters C
(81) Washington RotoProfessor - Josh Johnson SP
(82) Toronto RotoRob - Hunter Pence RF
(83) Detroit FantasyGameday - Carlos Quentin LF
(84) Florida LestersLegends - Elvis Andrus SS
(85) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Shane Victorino CF
(86) Texas Advanced FB - Josh Beckett SP
(87) Boston RotoSavants - Nate McLouth CF
(88) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Cole Hamels SP
(89) Chicago FB 365 - Jay Bruce RF
(90) New York FantasyPhenoms - Javier Vazquez SP


Jay Bruce was hyped big time last season only to disappoint in the end.  I truly believe that he'll improve in 2010 and raise his AVG to respectable heights.  His AB/HR rate last season was up there with Adam Dunn.  He has that type of power and should crack 30-35 bombs with ease in 2010.


Round: 7
(91) New York FantasyPhenoms - Ubaldo Jimenez SP
(92) Chicago FB 365 - Lance Berkman 1B
(93) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Ricky Nolasco SP
(94) Boston RotoSavants - Carlos Pena 1B
(95) Texas Advanced FB - Joakim Soria RP
(96) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Jonathan Papelbon RP
(97) Florida LestersLegends - Jake Peavy SP
(98) Detroit FantasyGameday - Wandy Rodriguez SP
(99) Toronto RotoRob - Matt Cain SP
(100) Washington RotoProfessor - Manny Ramirez LF
(101) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Clayton Kershaw SP
(102) New York FB Sherpa - Jason Bartlett SS
(103) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Francisco Rodriguez RP
(104) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Brian Wilson RP
(105) New York Fantasy Man - Brandon Webb SP

While I'm not big on Berkman this season, I think he should hold his own and my corner infield options are dwindling already.  I wanted some power to compliment the speed of Hanley, Reyes and Sizemore.


Round: 8
(106) New York Fantasy Man - Johnny Damon LF
(107) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Andrew Bailey RP
(108) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Howie Kendrick 2B
(109) New York FB Sherpa - John Lackey SP
(110) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Carlos Gonzalez LF
(111) Washington RotoProfessor - Stephen Drew SS
(112) Toronto RotoRob - Heath Bell RP
(113) Detroit FantasyGameday - Huston Street RP
(114) Florida LestersLegends - Michael Bourn CF
(115) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Brett Anderson SP
(116) Texas Advanced FB - Jason Kubel RF
(117) Boston RotoSavants - Denard Span CF
(118) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Jose Valverde RP
(119) Chicago FB 365 - Asdrubal Cabrera 2B
(120) New York FantasyPhenoms - Jorge De La Rosa SP


Just as my corner options are getting thin, I could see that the middle infield options were about to become less than thrilling.  So, I grab Cabrera here and slot him into my second base spot looking for some help in AVG and stolen bases.


Round: 9
(121) New York FantasyPhenoms - Matt Garza SP
(122) Chicago FB 365 - Carlos Marmol RP
(123) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Yunel Escobar SS
(124) Boston RotoSavants - Dan Uggla 2B
(125) Texas Advanced FB - Alex Rios CF
(126) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Chris Davis 1B
(127) Florida LestersLegends - Francisco Cordero RP
(128) Detroit FantasyGameday - Jose Lopez 2B
(129) Toronto RotoRob - Adrian Beltre 3B
(130) Washington RotoProfessor - Ian Stewart 2B
(131) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Miguel Montero C
(132) New York FB Sherpa - Chad Billingsley SP
(133) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Jair Jurrjens SP
(134) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Carlos Beltran CF
(135) New York Fantasy Man - Raul Ibanez LF


At least I almost got the closer part of the 7/10 Split strategy!  If Carlos Marmol can comeback from an extremely high walk rate in 2009, he could shoot up the closer rankings for 2011 due to his big time strikeout ability.  He's has only worked four innings this spring and has a 7/2 K/BB rate. 


Round: 10
(136) New York Fantasy Man - Scott Baker SP
(137) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Julio Borbon LF
(138) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Alcides Escobar SS
(139) New York FB Sherpa - Rafael Soriano RP
(140) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Nyjer Morgan LF
(141) Washington RotoProfessor - Nolan Reimold LF
(142) Toronto RotoRob - Michael Cuddyer 1B
(143) Detroit FantasyGameday - Juan Pierre LF
(144) Florida LestersLegends - Geovany Soto C
(145) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Rajai Davis CF
(146) Texas Advanced FB - Chipper Jones 3B
(147) Boston RotoSavants - Erick Aybar SS
(148) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Rickie Weeks 2B
(149) Chicago FB 365 - Brad Hawpe RF
(150) New York FantasyPhenoms - Max Scherzer SP


Looking to add another solid outfield bat, I snag Brad Hawpe.  He pretty much is what he is at this point, but that will work just fine as my number three outfielder.


Round: 11
(151) New York FantasyPhenoms - Chad Qualls RP
(152) Chicago FB 365 - Francisco Liriano SP
(153) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Kurt Suzuki C
(154) Boston RotoSavants - Frank Francisco RP
(155) Texas Advanced FB - David Price SP
(156) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Everth Cabrera SS
(157) Florida LestersLegends - Alfonso Soriano LF
(158) Detroit FantasyGameday - Roy Oswalt SP
(159) Toronto RotoRob - Jered Weaver SP
(160) Washington RotoProfessor - Billy Wagner RP
(161) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - David Aardsma RP
(162) New York FB Sherpa - Jorge Posada C
(163) Baltimore FB-dot-com - A.J. Burnett SP
(164) Philadelphia FB Geeks - James Shields SP
(165) New York Fantasy Man - James Loney 1B


I am officially on the Liriano train. 
Forget this talk of him moving into the closers role.  He is soooo much more valuable to the Twins as a starter.  While Liriano will never be the pitcher he was before Tommy John Surgery, he still had a K/9 over eight last season and held a whiff rate of about 25 percent. 
His problem over the past two seasons has been getting back the confidence to throw strikes. He did that this winter and he is doing that this spring. If he can maintain that into the season and lower his walk rate, we could see a huge season from Liriano in 2010.  Moving to an outdoor stadium won't hurt either.


Round: 12
(166) New York Fantasy Man - Miguel Tejada SS
(167) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Placido Polanco 2B
(168) Baltimore FB-dot-com - J.D. Drew RF
(169) New York FB Sherpa - Ryan Ludwick RF
(170) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Rich Harden SP
(171) Washington RotoProfessor - Clay Buchholz SP
(172) Toronto RotoRob - Franklin Gutierrez CF
(173) Detroit FantasyGameday - Trevor Hoffman RP
(174) Florida LestersLegends - Mike Napoli C
(175) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Brett Gardner CF
(176) Texas Advanced FB - Adam LaRoche 1B
(177) Boston RotoSavants - Ryan Doumit C
(178) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Russell Martin C
(179) Chicago FB 365 - Chris Iannetta C
(180) New York FantasyPhenoms - Chris Coghlan LF


I was hoping to snag a catcher this round and aparently so were a few other owners.  While Mike Napoli was my initial target, I'll "settle"p on his clone Chris Iannetta and look forward to 20 or so bombs.


Round: 13
(181) New York FantasyPhenoms - Jason Heyward RF
(182) Chicago FB 365 - Brian Fuentes RP
(183) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Corey Hart RF
(184) Boston RotoSavants - Bobby Jenks RP
(185) Texas Advanced FB - J.J. Hardy SS
(186) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Edwin Jackson SP
(187) Florida LestersLegends - Tim Hudson SP
(188) Detroit FantasyGameday - Dexter Fowler CF
(189) Toronto RotoRob - Ryan Theriot SS
(190) Washington RotoProfessor - Paul Konerko 1B
(191) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Ryan Franklin RP
(192) New York FB Sherpa - Garrett Jones 1B
(193) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Jorge Cantu 3B
(194) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Bengie Molina C
(195) New York Fantasy Man - Gavin Floyd SP


No, I'm not too happy with having to pick Brian Fuentes, but I wanted to grab a closer before waiting another hour to pick again. 
At least I know that Fuentes has the job on opening day and he is in the best possible system for saves in baseball.  Should he falter, I'll be spending some FAB money on Fernando Rodney and Kevin Jepsen...or any number of possible closers from other teams.


Round: 14
(196) New York Fantasy Man - Brad Lidge RP
(197) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Colby Rasmus CF
(198) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Rick Porcello SP
(199) New York FB Sherpa - Ryan Dempster SP
(200) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - John Danks SP
(201) Washington RotoProfessor - Mike Gonzalez RP
(202) Toronto RotoRob - A.J. Pierzynski C
(203) Detroit FantasyGameday - Martin Prado 2B
(204) Florida LestersLegends - Hideki Matsui DH
(205) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Vernon Wells CF
(206) Texas Advanced FB - Scott Kazmir SP
(207) Boston RotoSavants - Rafael Furcal SS
(208) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Lastings Milledge LF
(209) Chicago FB 365 - Vladimir Guerrero DH
(210) New York FantasyPhenoms - Jon Rauch RP


While Vlad is not someone I will target in any draft this season, I'll take a flier on him for the right price.  In that lineup, in that ballpark and at DH only (!) he has a chance to hit around .300 with 15-20 home runs.  If that happens, I'll be more than happy. 


Round: 15
(211) New York FantasyPhenoms - Jonathan Sanchez SP
(212) Chicago FB 365 - Brian Matusz SP
(213) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Ted Lilly SP
(214) Boston RotoSavants - Yadier Molina C
(215) Texas Advanced FB - David Ortiz DH
(216) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Stephen Strasburg SP
(217) Florida LestersLegends - Scott Sizemore 2B
(218) Detroit FantasyGameday - Neftali Feliz RP
(219) Toronto RotoRob - Cody Ross CF
(220) Washington RotoProfessor - Octavio Dotel RP
(221) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Orlando Cabrera SS
(222) New York FB Sherpa - Chase Headley 3B
(223) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Travis Snider LF
(224) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Nick Johnson 1B
(225) New York Fantasy Man - Carlos Zambrano SP


Brian Matusz has the poise and command of a veteran.  I'll be targeting him in every league and think he could be a young Cole Hamels with a plus curve.


Round: 16
(226) New York Fantasy Man - Ervin Santana SP
(227) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Johnny Cueto SP
(228) Baltimore FB-dot-com - J.A. Happ SP
(229) New York FB Sherpa - Hiroki Kuroda SP
(230) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Kevin Slowey SP
(231) Washington RotoProfessor - Carlos Santana C
(232) Toronto RotoRob - Wade Davis SP
(233) Detroit FantasyGameday - Todd Helton 1B
(234) Florida LestersLegends - Ben Sheets SP
(235) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Buster Posey C
(236) Texas Advanced FB - Aaron Harang SP
(237) Boston RotoSavants - Kyle Blanks RF
(238) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Erik Bedard SP
(239) Chicago FB 365 - Alex Gordon 3B
(240) New York FantasyPhenoms - John Baker C


I need a third baseman.  Though Alex Gordon will miss the start of the season due to a broken thumb, he should be good to go by the end of April. 
Gordon's star has fallen significantly over the past few seasons, but he still has the talent to hit 20 home runs and steal 15 bases.  I'd be thrilled with that production at this point, but I'll be drafting backup plans just in case.


Round: 17
(241) New York FantasyPhenoms - Juan Rivera LF
(242) Chicago FB 365 - Kerry Wood RP
(243) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B
(244) Boston RotoSavants - Chris Young CF
(245) Texas Advanced FB - Delmon Young LF
(246) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Maicer Izturis 2B
(247) Florida LestersLegends - Jhonny Peralta SS
(248) Detroit FantasyGameday - Conor Jackson LF
(249) Toronto RotoRob - Daisuke Matsuzaka SP
(250) Washington RotoProfessor - Kelly Johnson 2B
(251) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Drew Stubbs CF
(252) New York FB Sherpa - Mark Buehrle SP
(253) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Milton Bradley RF
(254) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Cameron Maybin CF
(255) New York Fantasy Man - Matt Capps RP


Kerry Wood has a decent chance to bounce back a little, but if he does he'll also become a big trade chip for the Indians by mid-season. 
That means he could end up setting up for another ball club, which would leave me in a tough spot should Brian Fuentes repeat his 2009 performance.  My closers are not my strength, but I don't think they will need to be.


Round: 18
(256) New York Fantasy Man - Mat Latos SP
(257) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Nick Swisher 1B
(258) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Joe Blanton SP
(259) New York FB Sherpa - Leo Nunez RP
(260) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Shaun Marcum SP
(261) Washington RotoProfessor - Matt LaPorta LF
(262) Toronto RotoRob - Phil Hughes SP
(263) Detroit FantasyGameday - Kelly Shoppach C
(264) Florida LestersLegends - Carlos Gomez CF
(265) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Mark DeRosa 3B
(266) Texas Advanced FB - Matt Thornton RP
(267) Boston RotoSavants - Brandon Wood 3B
(268) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Kazuo Matsui 2B
(269) Chicago FB 365 - Magglio Ordonez RF
(270) New York FantasyPhenoms - Coco Crisp CF


Magglio Ordonez saw a big drop in power last season and though he came into camp in the "best shape of his career", there is a very good chance he never sniffs 20 home runs again. 
As my 18th round pick, I really don't care.  All I'm looking for here is a little help in AVG and perhaps some RBI.  Considering my other options, I feel very good about getting Maggs this late.


Round: 19
(271) New York FantasyPhenoms - Luis Castillo 2B
(272) Chicago FB 365 - Pedro Alvarez 3B
(273) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Derek Lowe SP
(274) Boston RotoSavants - Joba Chamberlain SP
(275) Texas Advanced FB - Marco Scutaro SS
(276) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Casey McGehee 2B
(277) Florida LestersLegends - Andy Pettitte SP
(278) Detroit FantasyGameday - Brandon Lyon RP
(279) Toronto RotoRob - Scott Rolen 3B
(280) Washington RotoProfessor - Josh Willingham LF
(281) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Marlon Byrd CF
(282) New York FB Sherpa - Jason Frasor RP
(283) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Carlos Ruiz C
(284) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Brad Penny SP
(285) New York Fantasy Man - Jeff Clement C


This was a pure "looking ahead" pick.  I know that 3B/CI is not the strength of my team and that is where I hope Pedro Alvarez will eventually come in. 
Most likely Alvarez will start the season at triple-A, but I would be shocked if he is not up sometime in May.  As far as prospects go, he is the real deal and should make an immediate impact upon arival.  Also, I am not done with my third base backup plans yet.


Round: 20
(286) New York Fantasy Man - Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
(287) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Randy Wolf SP
(288) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Nate Schierholtz RF
(289) New York FB Sherpa - J.R. Towles C
(290) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Melky Cabrera CF
(291) Washington RotoProfessor - Jeff Francoeur RF
(292) Toronto RotoRob - Kevin Gregg RP
(293) Detroit FantasyGameday - Ramon Hernandez C
(294) Florida LestersLegends - Bronson Arroyo SP
(295) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Derek Holland SP
(296) Texas Advanced FB - Joel Pineiro SP
(297) Boston RotoSavants - Scott Feldman SP
(298) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Skip Schumaker 2B
(299) Chicago FB 365 - Mark Teahen 3B
(300) New York FantasyPhenoms - Adam Kennedy 2B


Mark Teahen won't carry any fantasy team, but he brings an everyday job and could hit fifth in a good White Sox lineup.  Consider him a nice backup plan to Alex Gordon and depth for my outfield.


Round: 21
(301) New York FantasyPhenoms - Ivan Rodriguez C
(302) Chicago FB 365 - Troy Glaus 3B
(303) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Chris Perez RP
(304) Boston RotoSavants - Chris Young SP
(305) Texas Advanced FB - David Freese 3B
(306) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Jake Fox 3B
(307) Florida LestersLegends - Scott Downs RP
(308) Detroit FantasyGameday - Luke Gregerson RP
(309) Toronto RotoRob - Randy Ruiz DH
(310) Washington RotoProfessor - Marc Rzepczynski SP
(311) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Casey Blake 3B
(312) New York FB Sherpa - Ryan Raburn LF
(313) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Austin Jackson LF
(314) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Alberto Callaspo 2B
(315) New York Fantasy Man - Freddy Sanchez 2B


I told you I was really going after a 3B/CI backup plan!  Troy Glaus looks healthy enough this spring to think I can get some production from him early and not worry about how he holds up over a full season.  I hope to plug in Pedro Alvarez before too long.


Round: 22
(316) New York Fantasy Man - Matt Diaz RF
(317) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Oliver Perez SP
(318) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Bud Norris SP
(319) New York FB Sherpa - Brett Wallace 3B
(320) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Kevin Correia SP
(321) Washington RotoProfessor - Chris Tillman SP
(322) Toronto RotoRob - Matt Guerrier RP
(323) Detroit FantasyGameday - Randy Wells SP
(324) Florida LestersLegends - John Maine SP
(325) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Jeff Niemann SP
(326) Texas Advanced FB - Jon Garland SP
(327) Boston RotoSavants - Elijah Dukes RF
(328) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Justin Masterson SP
(329) Chicago FB 365 - Daniel Murphy 1B
(330) New York FantasyPhenoms - Madison Bumgarner RP


Daniel Murphy could see a rise in AVG from his .284 BABIP last season.  At this point in the draft he is more depth that I can plug in at 1B/CI/OF.


Round: 23
(331) New York FantasyPhenoms - Brendan Ryan SS
(332) Chicago FB 365 - Trevor Cahill SP
(333) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Luke Scott LF
(334) Boston RotoSavants - Mike Cameron CF
(335) Texas Advanced FB - Akinori Iwamura 2B
(336) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Todd Coffey RP
(337) Florida LestersLegends - Edwin Encarnacion 3B
(338) Detroit FantasyGameday - Ryan Madson RP
(339) Toronto RotoRob - Adam Moore C
(340) Washington RotoProfessor - John Buck C
(341) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Scott Podsednik LF
(342) New York FB Sherpa - Aubrey Huff 1B
(343) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Homer Bailey SP
(344) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Eric Young Jr. 2B
(345) New York Fantasy Man - Seth Smith LF


Now back to pitching. 
Remember when the argument was who would be better, Trevor Cahill or Brett Anderson? 
Well, Anderson took the big step forward last season while Cahill struggled to find his consistency (see this article for more).  He has been working on his command and curve ball this spring.  An improvement in command would go a long way to making his 2010 season a success.  The talent is certainly there.


Round: 24
(346) New York Fantasy Man - Clint Barmes 2B
(347) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Anibal Sanchez SP
(348) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Mark Ellis 2B
(349) New York FB Sherpa - Ian Kennedy SP
(350) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Ryan Rowland-Smith SP
(351) Washington RotoProfessor - Luis Valbuena 2B
(352) Toronto RotoRob - Orlando Hudson 2B
(353) Detroit FantasyGameday - Colby Lewis SP
(354) Florida LestersLegends - Takashi Saito RP
(355) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Rick Ankiel CF
(356) Texas Advanced FB - Dan Runzler RP
(357) Boston RotoSavants - Jason Hammel SP
(358) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Kyle Lohse SP
(359) Chicago FB 365 - Ian Desmond SS
(360) New York FantasyPhenoms - Michael Brantley CF


This was one of my favorite picks.  I had Desmond queued up hoping that he would make it through the 26 picks leading up to mine.  Thankfully he did and I might just have snagged the Nationals starting shortstop, who has 15/20 potential with the bat.


Round: 25
(361) New York FantasyPhenoms - Taylor Teagarden C
(362) Chicago FB 365 - Chris Getz 2B
(363) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Matt Lindstrom RP
(364) Boston RotoSavants - Travis Hafner DH
(365) Texas Advanced FB - Drew Storen RP
(366) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Jermaine Dye RF
(367) Florida LestersLegends - Pat Burrell DH
(368) Detroit FantasyGameday - Felipe Lopez 2B
(369) Toronto RotoRob - Jason Motte RP
(370) Washington RotoProfessor - Aroldis Chapman SP
(371) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Daniel Bard RP
(372) New York FB Sherpa - David DeJesus LF
(373) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Chris Dickerson LF
(374) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Barry Zito SP
(375) New York Fantasy Man - Jim Johnson RP


Chris Getz was my backup plan to Desmond and he was still around a couple picks later.  At this point I decided that he would add some depth and some stolen base potential (25 SB in 107 games last season).  Should he win an everyday job, I might have a huge trade chip on my hands.


Round: 26
(376) New York Fantasy Man - Casey Kotchman 1B
(377) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Daric Barton 1B
(378) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Ronnie Belliard 1B
(379) New York FB Sherpa - Scott Hairston LF
(380) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Will Venable RF
(381) Washington RotoProfessor - Mike Pelfrey SP
(382) Toronto RotoRob - Gaby Sanchez 1B
(383) Detroit FantasyGameday - Desmond Jennings LF
(384) Florida LestersLegends - Brett Myers SP
(385) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - John Smoltz SP
(386) Texas Advanced FB - Brandon League RP
(387) Boston RotoSavants - Jack Cust RF
(388) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Mat Gamel 3B
(389) Chicago FB 365 - Kosuke Fukudome CF
(390) New York FantasyPhenoms - Eugenio Velez 2B


At least he has a starting job and could hit in the two-hole for the Cubs.  If nothing else, I can plug him into my lineup for all of April as he is a career .331 hitter in that month.


Round: 27
(391) New York FantasyPhenoms - Clayton Richard SP
(392) Chicago FB 365 - C.J. Wilson RP
(393) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Mike Adams RP
(394) Boston RotoSavants - J.P. Howell RP
(395) Texas Advanced FB - Charlie Morton SP
(396) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Julio Lugo 2B
(397) Florida LestersLegends - Xavier Nady RF
(398) Detroit FantasyGameday - David Robertson RP
(399) Toronto RotoRob - Garrett Atkins 3B
(400) Washington RotoProfessor - Michael Stanton RF
(401) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Brandon Morrow SP
(402) New York FB Sherpa - George Sherrill RP
(403) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Doug Davis SP
(404) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Pedro Feliz 3B
(405) New York Fantasy Man - Paul Maholm SP


Is C.J. Wilson really going to make it as a starter? 
Well, he has an impressive 8/1 K/BB rate this spring, but then again, it's only spring training.  Wilson did improve his command last season and even if he doesn't make it as a starter, he could factor into save chances as he did last season converting 14 of 18 opportunities.


Round: 28
(406) New York Fantasy Man - Cristian Guzman SS
(407) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Jeremy Bonderman RP
(408) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Manny Parra SP
(409) New York FB Sherpa - Ronny Paulino C
(410) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Gil Meche SP
(411) Washington RotoProfessor - Chris Carter 1B
(412) Toronto RotoRob - Brian Bruney RP
(413) Detroit FantasyGameday - Justin Duchscherer SP
(414) Florida LestersLegends - Fernando Rodney RP
(415) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Lyle Overbay 1B
(416) Texas Advanced FB - Rich Hill SP
(417) Boston RotoSavants - LaTroy Hawkins RP
(418) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Luke Hochevar SP
(419) Chicago FB 365 - Russell Branyan 1B
(420) New York FantasyPhenoms - Emilio Bonifacio SS


I don't like drafting players with bad backs. 
You could say I loathe them. 
However, it's the 28th round and I'm looking for any sort of upside I can find.  Branyan chose to sign with Cleveland because it was the place where he would get the most at-bats.  When he is healthy, he should still hit the long ball.  At this point I'm not counting on him for much anyway.


Round: 29
(421) New York FantasyPhenoms - Joel Hanrahan RP
(422) Chicago FB 365 - Lou Marson C
(423) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - David Murphy LF
(424) Boston RotoSavants - Sergio Romo RP
(425) Texas Advanced FB - Jesus Montero C
(426) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Rafael Betancourt RP
(427) Florida LestersLegends - Gerardo Parra LF
(428) Detroit FantasyGameday - Jeremy Affeldt RP
(429) Toronto RotoRob - Gio Gonzalez SP
(430) Washington RotoProfessor - Fausto Carmona SP
(431) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Mike Aviles SS
(432) New York FB Sherpa - Kris Medlen RP
(433) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Jeff Baker 2B
(434) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Rod Barajas C
(435) New York Fantasy Man - Justin Smoak 1B


I waited to fill my second catcher spot and am perfectly fine with tabbing Lou Marson for the duties.  While Carlos Santana is the far superior hitter, he'll start the season at triple-A. 
I fully expect Santana to take over duties at some point, but I'll worry about that when the time comes.  At least I have an everyday catcher to start the season who has a chance to hit for some AVG. 


Round: 30
(436) New York Fantasy Man - Oscar Salazar 3B
(437) Philadelphia FB Geeks - Angel Pagan CF
(438) Baltimore FB-dot-com - Delwyn Young 2B
(439) New York FB Sherpa - Mike Fontenot 2B
(440) Pittsburgh RotoCommunity - Chris Volstad SP
(441) Washington RotoProfessor - Jenrry Mejia SP
(442) Toronto RotoRob - Nick Masset RP
(443) Detroit FantasyGameday - Arthur Rhodes RP
(444) Florida LestersLegends - Mike MacDougal RP
(445) Milwaukee ChinstrapNinjas - Aaron Rowand CF
(446) Texas Advanced FB - Dioner Navarro C
(447) Boston RotoSavants - Franklin Morales RP
(448) Atlanta FBTradeMarket - Andy LaRoche 3B
(449) Chicago FB 365 - Felipe Paulino SP
(450) New York FantasyPhenoms - Brandon Inge


Armed with an upper 90's fastball, Felipe Paulino is just the type of pitcher to grab in the last couple rounds of the 2010 draft. Injuries cost him the 2008 season and his inconsistent performance last year could have been partly due to rust and an incredibly high .368 BABIP against.
Remember how Ubaldo Jimenez struggled with control early in his career?
Look at where he is now. Paulino may actually have better command than Jimenez at this point in his career.


My Team:
C Chris Iannetta
C Lou Marson
1B Lance Berkman
2B Asdrubal Cabrera
3B Alex Gordon
SS Hanley Ramirez
MI Jose Reyes
CI Troy Glaus
OF Grady Sizemore
OF Jay Bruce
OF Brad Hawpe
OF Magglio Ordonez
OF Mark Teahen
UT Vladimir Guerrero
BN Pedro Alvarez
BN Ian Desmond
BN Chris Getz
BN Kosuke Fukudome
BN Russell Branyan
BN Daniel Murphy
P Justin Verlander
P Yovani Gallardo
P Francisco Liriano
P Brian Matusz
P Carlos Marmol
P Brian Fuentes
P Kerry Wood
P Trevor Cahill
P C.J. Wilson
P Felipe Paulino


As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts, observations and opinions on the draft.


Charlie Saponara is the owner/author of and can be contacted at


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