Top Running Backs of 2010 Draft

steve foxContributor IMarch 17, 2010

This should surprise you at first, but if and when you look at the stats i've posted feel free to agree.

5. Jahvid Best: 5-10, 195 pounds. 141 attempts for 867 yards - 6.1 yard average, 12 touchdowns. Played for cal(Good team)

40 yard dash - 4.35

Bench Press - 15 reps

Report - He's a fast, quick, and elusive player. Will go down on first contact at the pro level. Not very strong, can't carry the load, is a special player. Will get injured easy. lacks bulk. Not very physical. Doesn't have the ability to be a Starter. Can't gain short yardage, will not get into the en zone easily. Durability is a concern.

Highlights -

worst game, 3.2 ypc 9 attempts 29 yards.

best game 12.2 ypc 12 attempts 159 yards 12 touchdowns.

Note's -

4. Jonathan dwyer 6-1 227 ponds 228 attempts 1,395 yards 5.9 yards per carry. 14 touchdowns

played for GeorgaTc.(good team)

40 yard dash 4.65

Bench press 17

Report - has solid weight, some power, can carry the load. Has decent speed. Good balance, is not fragile, injury should not be a concern. Will not start right away. Should get stronger. not elusive. Is not fast, has the ability to get into the end-zone at times.

Worst game - 5 attempts for 7 yards 1.4 YPc

Best game - 23 attempts 189 yards 8.2 YPc

Notes - Had 6 games under 100 yards, 1 game under 10 yards.





3. C.J Spiller- 5-11 195 pounds, 216 attempts for 1,212 yards. 5.6 YPC.

Played for Clemson(good team).

40 yard -4.37

Bench Press - 15 reps

Report - Is extremely fast, extremely elusive, is explosiveve. Tries very hard. Will fight for yards. Is not very strong, Lacks bulk, will/has been injured. Is not an every down back. can run with corners & safty's. Will go down on first contact at times. can not be a 3rd down back. is undersized, is not an intelligent athlete. in Has trouble short yardage, will struggle to get short yardage touchdowns. is a special player, will only be used when/if needed. does not have the ability to carry the load.

Worst game - 4 carries, for 12 yards. 3.0 YPc

Best game - 20 carries, 233yards 11.7 ypc

Notes - only 4 games over 100 yards, one of them over 200 yards. 2.0 ypc vs Southern cal, 9 attempts for 18 yards. has not been a very solid player.


2.Ryan Mathews - 5-11 220 lbs 276 attempts 6.6 ypc 1,808 yards 19 touchdowns.

40 yard - 4.45

Bench press -

Report: Is a fast player, does have elsuive speed, can be quick when needs to be. Is a powerful runner, Fights for yards. will carry the load. Has enough bulk. is strong enough. does not have a problem getting in the end-zone. can be a solid starter. is not the greatest receiver. does not go down on first contact.

Worst game - 8 carries 32 yards 4.0 ypc

Best game - 19 carries 234yards 12.2 ypc

Notes: had an easy schedual, missed 1 game, could have had 20+ touchdowns

only had 3 games less then 100 yards, had 2 200 + yard games. I see few weaknesses.

Highlights -

1. Toby Gerhart - 6-2 235 pounds 343 carries for 1871 yards 28touchdowns. 5.3 yards per carry. played for Stanford(horrible team)

40 yard dash 4.43

Bench Press: 22 reps

Report - Is a beast among beast. Has insane endurance. Is stronger then almost everyone on the field. Is deceptivelyfast. Runs with power. follows his blocks, as the game wears on he seems to get more powerful. Plays better vs harder teams then easier teams. is elusive, and quick. does not have a problem getting touchdowns. is the smartest back in his class. is not a threat in receiving, I see no weakness. when thrown the ball he caught it. fights for yardage. when defences knew he was running they couldn't stop him. Injury's will not be a problem early in his carear. is the best back in his class at the college level and pro level. always takes 2-5 people to take him down. can pass the short yardage ball.

Worst game - 17 attempts 82 yards 4.3 ypc

Best game - 38attempts, 223 yards 5.9 ypc

Notes only had 2 games just shy of 100 yards the rest, where all 100/200+ yard games. 3 200 yard games, 11, 100 + yard games 1 passing touchdown.

Highlights -