Stephen Strasburg Ready for the National Spotlight

Kyle HuguesContributor IMarch 17, 2010

Stephen Strasburg is ready for the show. He has shown why he was the No. 1 pick who will live up to the hype.

He was born is 1988. That's right, he's only 21.

The prodigy has been clocked at touching 101 mph consistently in one game. These are touching Nolan Ryan numbers. So the next assumption to be made is that he must be a little wild. Not the case. He blisters the black similar to that of an illusionist—perfect control.

Then there is that bender. How about trying to hone in on that 82 mph, sharp breaking curve? He is impeccable at keeping his breaking ball down and making sure it starts in the middle and ends in the dirt. Not to mention his 76 mph changeup that leads to hitters walking back to the dugout without knowing what to think.

Strasburg has been covered like no pitcher out of college in his generation. How has he responded to it? By facing the American League Detroit Tigers and forcibly punching out Miguel Cabrera. If that wasn't good enough, the guy retired the other two batters with easy ground balls. The first was the only inning he pitched.

Test phase two: St. Louis Cardinals. Two innings pitched, no runs, and two strikeouts. It seemed to be done with relative ease.

His current spring training ERA is 0.00.

This phenom is a gamer who is not only living up to the hype, but now exceeding it. There have been conflicting stories. Some say Strasburg was heading to the minors, but now there are statements saying it has not yet been decided. Regardless of all of this, he is a once in a lifetime pitcher. The Nationals should treat him like one.

He does not yet deserve the respect of an ace but has a chance simply to fill the shoes of the league's next right-handed legend. What better way to start than in a big league rotation?

Stephen Strasburg is a wolf waiting to feast on what are usually dangerous plains. Let him loose.