John Smoltz is Going Back to Atlanta

Jesus MelendezCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2010

I'm getting a little tired of the "is he" or "isn't he" game that a lot of the 90s premier pitchers seem to be playing.

We've all seen Roger Clemens come and go and come and go again and again. Last season, Pedro Martinez held out until he found a suitable suitor.

And just a few weeks ago, Tom Glavine (who was out for all of 2009) finally hung it up.

Now, John Smoltz is pulling the same trick...taking time off to join TBS as a broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves and serving as an analyst for their slate of nationally televised Sunday games.

All the while, you guessed it, not retiring and, reportedly, planning on staying in shape should a opportunity present itself.

Given that Smoltz is now seemingly done (or not), you're going to be hearing more and more about his Hall of Fame candidacy and how he should be a shoo-in on whatever ballot he pops up on.

But is he?  Check out the rest over at The Hall of Very Good.