Jeff Hardy Officially Signs With TNA

John C.Contributor IMarch 8, 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to say i am thrilled to have Jeff Hardy back in TNA. TNA has been dull as of late and with the return of Hardy and the newly acquired Rob Van Dam i think TNA's fan base just got a lot bigger.

Let's recap on how Jeff had come to TNA in 2003. Jeff had been released by the WWE because he was in violation of the WWE's wellness policy. The WWE offered Jeff rehab and Jeff declined resulting in his release. He came to TNA in 2004 making his debut against AJ Styles. The iMPACT Zone exploded with excitement for Jeff Hardy. He was not as big of a star in the wrestling world back then as he is now so he never held a title in TNA.

In 2006 Jeff left TNA and went back to the WWE. He stayed there for 3 years until he left the company in 2009. On the Jan 4 show of IMPACT we saw Hardy return and Twist Of Fate Homicide. 2 weeks ago he made his official return to TNA when he came to the aid of Hogan and Abyss.Last night on IMPACT Jeff made his official in ring debut against AJ Styles. The match ended with Jeff hitting the Swanton on Styles for the 1 2 3.

But now I come to the reason i have written this article. Was Jeff Hardy innocent on his drug charges? I am not aware if Jeff is innocent on the charges or not but with his official signing in TNA it makes me believe he is.

But what do you think or know? Is Jeff Hardy innocent?