Houston's Roy Oswalt Heading To Hollywood?

Kyle HuguesContributor IMarch 16, 2010

 It is no secret that the Los Angeles Dodgers have a lack of leadership in their starting rotation. Not due to lack of talent, but rather lack of experience.

 Ownership didn't bite the hook this off-season for a major contributing starter, whether that be for financial reasons or simply because they didn't see a piece that would fit.

 The facts are, the Dodgers want a World Championship and many would agree that you need one pitcher that can go seven to eight innings in a postseason game to get there.

 A likely candidate could be Houston Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt. "The Wizard" is coming off arguably the worst year in his big league career and is determined more than ever to play like and for a champion. 

 The front office of the Astros would be reluctant to trade the three time All-Star. Although it would not come as a complete surprise to see them let him go, if the Astros fall out of contention.

 The Dodgers would be a perfect fit. It would be a deal that would likely happen at the trade deadline and would likely give the Dodgers that piece they are looking for to contend deep into the postseason.

 If this is considered, expect L.A. to pay a fairly high price. Probably two to three highly regarded prospects. It is never cheap when you receive one of the best pitchers in your league.