A simple but logical play on the mets

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A simple but logical play on the mets
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Here is a little play I wrote my self abou Mets management,may make you laugh

ACT 1:Several years ago

Fred:Look Jeff I've managed to hire a contractor he says he is willing to fix the Mets

Jeff:Really Fred

Fred:Yeah his name is Omar he says he knows cheap players at a good price,and says hes reliable.

 ACT 2: 2008 offseason

Omar:Fans I've added a reliable starter to our rotain


Omar;Remeber Ollie hes back,I got him for a bargain 3 years 36 mill

Fans:Wait I thought we were getting Lowe

Omar: Nah! hes too white I got him hes a great Hispanic.

ACT 3: 2009 Season

Players:OOH ,Ouch,EEk,AHH

Media:Omar can you explain the rash of injuries that occured this year?

Omar:umm,dont worry everything will be fine,there is always next year besides Reyes will be back soon.

Omars consious:what are you thinking you know he wont be back sioon.

Fans:Omar,Jerry should be fired.

Jerry:(Laughing)We might have lost today,but there is always tommorow.

ACT 4:2009 Offseason

Omar:Guys look ,this is big We fixed our pitching needs

Jeff and Fred:Really


Jeff and Fred whom did you sign

Omar:Kelvim Escobar,he had an excellent year in 07 but hes never been heard of since wonder why?

Jeff and Fred:who cares!!Omar you are the best GM ever thats why we are never firing you.So whats your plan for a big splash.Glad we dont have to spend 80 mil plus on Lackey.

Omar:Maybe Jason Bay

Jeff and Fred:Ok

Act 5: After The Bay Signing,and 2010 Spring Training

Omar:were going to win 2010 We got Jason Bay

Fans:but what about starting pitching

Days later.....

Omar: were confident with who we have.Remeber 2009 was the same way


Omar:Wait Beltran just got surgery and he wont be ready until May.What Shame!!!

Fans(anger) what did you know about this

Omar:of course not.

Mangement and omar private: we got them good.

Days Later.....

Omar:OMG Reyes has a thyroid problem oh no!!!

Fans(anger) now we will never win!!!

Narrator and fans:yet another Omar Minaya scandal.

Omar:Glad I signed Cora back.




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