WWE Win Second Monday Night Wars: TNA-1 WWE-1

Oliver RobinsonContributor IMarch 16, 2010

OK, Before we start i want to say a couple of things

1: This is NOT official, it is simply my own opinion

2: I am not a TNA Fanboy or a WWE Fanboy. I'm neutral

3: I have decided to look at both shows good points and bad points.

OK, now thats out of the way, lets get on with the article.


The Good Points

Past Monday night WWE had a Wrestlemania rematch night with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. Steve Austin was a good choice. Most WWE fans who grew up in the attitude era support him. Personally i think the best guest host's are the ones who were former wrestlers (E.G: 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase) as they actually know how to put on a good show as they have been in the ring before. The NASCAR people had no idea what was happening and were awful as guest hosts.The Randy Ortan Vs Ted Dibiase Vs Cody Rhodes is a good idea i think, as  we will see what will happen when when Cody and Ted have to face off with each other. The Batista Vs Kofi Kingston match was OK but i think it was really just to fill up some time. Another good thing was the Mr McMahon Vs Bret Hart contract signing. Turns out Bret isn't injured att all and clubs Mr McMahon's face with the cast.

The Bits That Could Have Been Better. 

1: Shawn Michaels Vs Chris Jericho:

It was a good match and then Jericho decided to walk away. Michaels wins, Edge attacks Jericho. I understand why this happened but could't Edge have distracted Y2J and then have HBK hit the superkick to win the match? I htink that would have been better.

2: The other WM rematches.

None of them ended cleanly. The Cena/Big Show match ended with Batista distracting Cena so Big Show could hit the knock out punch for the win and the HHH/Randy Orton match ended in a No Contest thanks to Sheamus, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase jr. I know these matches rarely end cleanly but it would be nice just to see one match were there wasn't some interference or DQ or countout ect...

3: No Stunner

Stone cold didn't stun anyone. Why?. It probably gets the greatest fan response i've ever seen. I know it's used all the time but it's still good to see


The Good Bits

TNA won last week. I got critisised of being a TNA Fanboy by someone who sounds very much like a WWE fanboy. Like i said at the start, I'm neutral.

Anyway, TNA had a decent show. I can honestly say that i enjoyed the ladder match because you don't really see people, risking their careers, jumping off ladders in the WWE anymore because of the PG rating. RVD getting revenge on Sting was nice to see (I've always enjoyed watching him wrestle) if a bit long. The tag match was fine, as it saw Mr Anderson (Formerly Mr Kennedy of the WWE) Bloodied Kurt Angle with that Warrior medal thing. (It's a bit strange, Kurt used to parade around with his gold medal, where did it go?) But my favourite match was definetely Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles. There's a few reasons for this: 1) Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles are both phenomanol athletes, even if Jeff is about 33-34 years old. 2) It may be a sign of Jeff Hardy getting title shots in TNA and maybe winning the big one. As you may know Jeff Hardy was misused during his last TNA run (2004-2006) So hopefully this is a sign if things to come.

The Bits That Could Have Been Better. 

1) The Beer Money/Jeff Jarett storyline

It's not the greatest storyline i've ever seen but it's quite good. But unfortunately it's also quite predictable. There'll probably be a match at some PPV where Jarrett wins, but you never know...

2) Mick Foley shaving Eric Bishoff's hair

People may like it but i've seen it before and it's kida getting old (My favourite was the Hair Vs Hair match between Edge and Kurt Angle at Judgement Day, 2002)

3) Hogan doesn't touch Sting.

After RVD took Sting's bat i thought 'Yes! RVD is gonna hit him!!' and he didn't. Instead of beating some revenge out of Sting he decided to throw the bat to Hogan and throw Sting in the ring too. At this point i was a little disapointed