2010 Mock Draft .What To Expect This April

Jeff AllenContributor IMarch 16, 2010

This article is a mock draft (first round) of the NFL's 2010 draft .Some of these picks are bold but still highly likely . Enjoy .


1. Rams

I have them picking Suh here.What QB would succeed in St. Louis ? Also Marc Bulger isnt a bad quarterback. They have drafted DE Chris Long and DT Adam Carriker in recent years to bolster their D-Line .Why not improve it some more by Drafting Suh .

Never know maybe they can reinvent the ''Fearsome Foursome '' . Hmm Maybe not.


2. Lions

This pick is no contest . I have them picking Russell Okung here.Stafford was hurt all year .''Experts '' are debating where to pick Okung, MCoy or Suh . They believe that drafting Suh and McCoy could help free up recent signee Kyle Vanden Bosch . This is true but who is the Lions Future, Vanden Bosch or Stafford ? Enough Said.

3. Bucs

I have them picking Gerald McCoy here. The D-Line is essential to run a succesful Tampa 2. McCoy is a safe pick and a quick way to improve your d-line for the next 6+ years.

4. Redskins

Mike Shanahan is the new guy calling the shots. He drafted Jay Cutler in 2006.I have them drafting Sam Bradford here and trading Jason Campbell for a 5-7th round pick.      Why not start off fresh ?

5. Chiefs

They went D-Line the last 2 years so that prediction wouldnt be logical. I have them drafting ILB Rolando McClain . They want to run the 3-4 they need the tools to do it. And McClain fits the system. A great player to help that woeful defense of 2009.

6. Seahawks

I have them drafting Eric Berry . He would be the best player available at this point.And they have secondary problems.Some think HC Pete Carroll will draft his former superstar Taylor Mays. But we all know Berry is a better overall player.

7. Browns

Even though they have Secondary problems. They might be turned off by Joe Haden's 40 time . I have them taking Jimmy Clausen here. While Jake Delhomme is a good QB , the 35 year old is not the future nor recent acquisition Seneca Wallace. Clausen can hone his skills for a few years until Delhomme decides to hang it up . Aaron Rodgers and Carson Palmer did this and turned out fine , just as Clausen should.

8. Raiders

We never really know with the Raiders but we should expect the unexpected (Darrius Heyward Bey) and think they will get Taylor Mays. Al probaly fell in love with his measurables . Yes i agree Tyvonn Branch and Michael Huff are good young players but with Al we never know .

9. Bills

The Bills need help with their oft-injured line and why not take Trent Williams here.A good safe pick and the second best tackle in the draft.

10. Jaguars

I thought they would take DE Jason Pierre Paul here until they signed Aaron Kampman . Now the Terry Holt project didnt work out as they thought it would. They get a good WR here in Dez Bryant . Which should help out MJD significantly.

11. Broncos

If Brandon Marshall is still a bronco by Draft day they will take Sean Witherspoon and an very talented LB .And in the 3-4 defense good linebackers are crucial . If Brandon Marshall isnt a Bronco they draft Golden Tate here . Which is a reach, but with Eddie Royal as your number 1 and without a spectular running game .Your offense has to be taken care of.

12. Dolphins

Suring up their LB corps with the  Dansby signing , Defensive Line now needs help and Dan Williams is a great Nose Tackle. Jason Ferguson is at the twilight of his career. Williams would be A HUGE PICKUP HERE


The first of two 1st rounders for the 49ers. They draft Joe Haden who falls because of his 40 time and their secondary is thin. A pretty obvious pick here. A great value at pick 13.

14. Seahawks for

Walter Jones is now a shell of himself injury phone Left Tackle . Bruce Campbell the athletic freak will still be available here and why not ? Two great young players to help Carroll out in his first year.

15. Giants

Sured up their secondary with Antrel Rolle and need a MLB to replace Antonio Pierce but i have them taking Brian Price here and trading Osi Omenyiura for a 3rd or ,4th round draft pick where theyll pick up a  MLB

16. Titans

Titans need a premier pass rusher and Derrick Morgan is that . Morgan would beone of the best players available  and filling a need.THIS IS A DEFINITE NO BRAINER.

17. 49ers

49ers 2nd of two picks and here they NEED TO draft a Tackle or running back . CJ Spiller is way to good to pass up and theyll try to improve their O-Line in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. CJ , with FG and GC would be a great trio.


Steelers dont have any needs other than O line and Bryan Bulaga is still available .So he would fit a big need and help Ben immensely.Now only if Bryan could stop Ben from ''sexually assualting'' women.

19. Falcons

With the signing of Dunta Robinson,the secondary has been improved. But as Captain Price once said ''Nice.But its not hard to improve on nothing.'' They draft Kyle Wilson here and make a good duo for the future.

20. Texans

They need huge help at S . And Earl Thomas the ''Ed Reed clone '' is available so why not draft him here to offset the Dunta Robinson loss.This would be a great pick and well aclaimed.

21. Bengals

They got almost nothing from Tight End last year , and had a devestating first round loss. They sorta remind me of the 2008 Falcons that were crushed by the Cards . They take Jermaine Gresham here and make a weakness an strength.


They couldnt sack a parked car in 2009 and a pass rush takes alot of pressure off the oft-maligned secondary.I have them taking Brandon Graham here whos stock has been rising FAST!


Their running game was inconsistent but their O line was even worse and Aaron is their future. Anthony Davis is still here and is a Solid T. Maybe he can keep Aaron Rodgers off his a*s


We all know the Eagles like to blitz. And they recently released LB Will Witherspoon . Sergio Kindle is still here and is a upgrade at the position.


The Ravens only need is at CB. Patrick Robinson is a great man to man corner . Which he will be doing 80% of the time . I thought they would draft a receiver here until they traded for Boldin .now their team is set.

26. Cardinals

They lost Karlos Dansby their best LB. They  need his POTENTIAL replacement and Ricky Sapp is still available.He is a very NFL ready player and POTENTIAL could be his replacement.


Their roster is pretty stacked and i think they will trade this pick for picks in later rounds.Depth is their biggest need .


The Chargers need LT's replacement fast if they are going for a SB.Ryan Matthews had a great combine and POTENTIALLY is the best back in the draft.This  would be a good fit for the Bolts.


 Arrelious Benn is the best WR left and he would be an upgrade over all the WR's other than Braylon Edwards .Giving Mark Sanchez some more weapons and hopefully another sb run comes along.


They need a good CB that can start or play the start and  Devin McCourty is that guy, If Brett Favre decides to return ,another SB run is in order.


THE COLTS DRAFT DT JARED ODRICK AND THE SAINTS DRAFT CARLOS DUNLAP TO REPLACE CHARLES GRANT .PLease rate this article 1-10 this is my first article so your feedback is  appreciated.


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