Do Not Worry Yet, Mets Fans.

Anton CantwellContributor IMarch 15, 2010

It may seem tough that the Mets will probably start the season off with both Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes on the DL. But do not yet panic, Mets fans. I think the Mets on the current spring training staff should do a decent job of holding up the fort until they return. Angel Pagan is definitely an above-average player, and using Ruben Tejada, one of the Mets top prospects, could be exiting. Who knows, maybe he'll turn out pretty well in Reyes' absence. Also, Alex Cora is decent and reliable so that option would not be terrible either.

I think the biggest concern is that this period only lasts in April. After all, playoff spots are not won in April. Heck, just look at this video, I think the 2009 Los Angeles Angels had it a bit worse starting off:

I'm not necessarily comparing the Angels to the Mets, but I do think that a similar scenario existed a year ago for the Angels. The Mets are still capable. 


Also, the lineup, as it is, already has two allstars, which is enough reason to be exited. David Wright is doing fantastic so far in spring training (he has hit almost as many home runs in Tradition Field - which has larger dimensions than Citi Field - in twelve games as he had in an entire year at Citi) and Jason Bay gives Mets fans even more reasons to be exited. Castillo isn't horrible either, as he batted .302 last year, and Angel Pagan just hit a walk off home run in today's game against the Cardinals. I know you cannot always make viable comparisons to spring training, but I think it serves to give all of us Mets fans some hope for the 2010 season. John Maine and Oliver Perez are healthy, and Mets prospects have been putting up a big show thus far (Jerry Mejia, Ike Davis, F-Mart). Hisanori Takahashi is pretty insane, too. Don't give up yet. 

I understand being upset and losing faith in the Mets. Tracking the last three years will do that. But again, it is only April and it is not yet even determined officially that Jose Reyes will indeed begin the season on the DL. So just hold on tight and enjoy watching baseball games, win or lose. The Mets can still do reasonably well without Beltran/Reyes in a single month. I really don't think it's as big a deal as it's being made out to be.


So just hang in there, enjoy spring training and look forward to the 2010 season! It can be done, so don't give up.