Johnny Damon or Curtis Granderson?

Jason KimCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2010

TAMPA, FL - MARCH 5: Outfielder Curtis Granderson #14 of the New York Yankees takes the field before play against the Tampa Bay Rays March 5, 2010 at the George M. Steinbrenner  Field in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Johnny Damon, or Curtis Granderson?

These two players both switched teams this offseason, with Damon going to Detroit, and Granderson joining the Bronx Bombers. Since they both switched teams with each other, Granderson replacing Damon, and Damon replacing Granderson, which one's the better player overall?

Granderson was traded to the Yankees in a 3 team deal that included Austin Jackson and Phil Coke.

Damon signed as a free agent.

Yankees fans think about Granderson as a speedy, powerful, great fielding CF, but they are forgetting one fact: he can't hit Left-Handed Pitching. Hitting only .158 against them, that was the only reason the Yanks could have gotten him for such a low value even when having a couple of years left on his contract.

Tigers fans: you expect a lot of Damon. After all, he hit 24HRs. Only reason for that was because he played around half of his games at Yankee Stadium, with a short porch out in left. With Comerica Park not being friendly to hitters, the HR total is probablt going to go down. Even though he still has some speed, too, he can't field like he used to: one sign of aging.

Therefore: Who's the better player?

Curtis Granderson:

With better speed, and a better glove, he beats Damon in those two categories easily. Granderson also has better power, and he is going to be playing 81 games at Yankee Stadium, favoring him. He's still young: so he will improve against left handed pitching. Not to mention, Kevin Long (hitting coach) is aware of this problem.

Overall, Curtis gets my vote.