Gillis' "Big Move" Still to Come

Ryan AndersonContributor IJuly 9, 2008

As we near the middle of July there has been tonnes of action in the NHL. From the highly awaited signing of big name UFA's such as Marian Hossa (Detroit) and Brian Campbell (Chicago) to the minor and not so minor trades aka Dan Boyle to San Jose.  But not much coming out of Vancouver.

Mike Gillis has not been as active as most Canucks fans would have liked so far even though Mike shocked the town with the rediculous offer of $20 million to UFA Mats Sundin.  The passed few days Gillis has awoke with the signing of Mark Cullen and acquiring Steve Bernier from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for 2nd and 3rd round draft picks.  The rumors this week have been buzzing with the likes of Mats Sundin being in Vancouver and that Gillis and Demitra have apparently agreed on a verbal contract, but when asked about these rumors at a press conference Gillis could not confirm either of the speculations.

Canucks fans are getting more and more anxious as the days pass, but Gillis is still awaiting final confirmation from Mats Sundin whether he will play in Vancouver next season.  Sources say Mats' decision could be made by the end of the month.  As per the Demitra situation look for it to be final by the weekend.

There's also rumors swirling of Brian Gionta's availability and the possibility of a deal in the works involving the Sedins to Atlanta for Kovalchuk.  Also I am hearing Marian Gaborik is NOT happy in Minnisota after losing his linemates Demitra and Rolston and that he would like to play with his former Slovakian line mate.  The Vancouver Canucks fans could be in for a treat as the off season progresses.