Good Move, Finally From Denver

Obee ToroCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2010

Well, Finally I agree with something that Brian Xanders and Josh McDaniels have done.

As much as I loved the talent of Peyton Hillis, I really like the trade for Brady Quinn.

Do not get me wrong, I am not convinced that Brady Quinn is the next John Elway or this golden boy QB, that will put up Jay Cutler type numbers. But I do think with this system and the talent level significantly better than Cleveland he can thrive.

Only time will tell.

Hillis was a good special teams player. He blocked well, and he was a good option to throw to. He also was a good runner.

The problem was, under McDaniels system he did not excel at a single department. He was just a good talented fullback that worked hard.

I thought he was a good player for Denver, yet I can also say Brady Quinn is a much needed guy on the roster compared to Hillis.

When Orton went down last season, Simms was not ready due to playing experience in McDaniels system.

Brady Quinn can cause Orton to stay on top of his game as well as compete for the starting job. He has a better arm and is more athletic. His accuracy is questioned, but lets remember that Josh McDaniels was first a QB coach before anything. He helped Tom Brady be a star as well as Matt Cassell.

Not that Tom Brady isn't great, but in the one season without McDaniels returning from injury, he looked like a good QB and not a great quarterback.

The Chiefs can tell you how good Matt Cassell was last season.

You can always find another complimentary runner for Knowshon Moreno as well as a lead blocker. Denver has good receivers and still haven't entered the draft yet.

The defense has made a few impact signings and looks to be better talent wise. Maybe for a fullback and a few low end picks.

This could be great for Denver.

If it does not pan out, Denver still only took the chance of having a number one draft pick QB, for $700,000 base salary.

I think this one might work out.

Great move and I tip my cap to the Broncos for pulling this trade.