Gegard Mousasi, If it ain't broken fix it anyhow, GSP's camp may help

jason hughesCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2010

Gegard Mousasi has a calm demeanor, almost too calm, eerily like his former legendary training partner Fedor Emilianenko.

And while he has been on a tear that has seen him deservedly go from unheard of to most Americans MMA enthusiasts to a superbeast, he has chosen to leave his camp at Red Devil and take up shop in Canada with Georges Rush ST- Pierre.

Is he simply trying to distance himself from M1 and Red Devil, or is this a pure strategic move to get his body ready for the UFC style of fighting that he will soon be taking on?

Is it a good idea to pull your canoe out of the water when you are having a peaceful run down a quiet beautiful stream? I guess if the stream is getting ready to turn into whitewater rapids in a hurry it is.

I really could not see any  flaws in his first few attempts inside of the cage but if he thinks that GSP'S camp will push him harder or teach him a few things than I have no problem with a man willing to learn some new techniques from a UFC veteran.

What will Rush teach the Armenian   professional kickboxer, he seems to have that down fine, has for a while, could it be cardio, I don't know, Mousasi is like a cold blooded reptile, using just enough energy to snatch his prey while conserving his energy for when he really needs it, just like his last fight with the famously out of shape Sokoudjou, yes he could have picked him apart fast but when you know your enemy is going to be blowing into a paper bag between round 1 and two, why bother.

I think that the answer is pure and simple, he wanted a reputable camp and a way out of M1 Global's notorious magical powers to keep their fighters from really reaching greatness. He learned that he will never get out of Fedor's shadow and that fighting in the UFC would probably happen maybe in his early sixties so he chose the right moment to dodge the landmines set by Vlad and his crew and belly crawled his way to Canada.

While I still think the world of Fedor Emilianenko, I think that this move by Mousasi is a fantastic choice and a great opportunity, and if he can make it past the dangerous King Mo then I see a very short window from the time he enters the UFC and a title shot.