2008 Season Starts Soon!!!

Dominique BeaumonteContributor IJuly 9, 2008

Well folks.. it's only a matter of time before the teams get suited, the fans get ready for battle, and the beer guzzlers get to savin'. Wherever it is that you stand, we are going to have a fantastic season fill with surprise teams and great performances! I can't wait! I have a few goals for the season that I want to share early!!!

1. I will not miss a televised Oregon game!

2. I will travel to one or more Oregon Games

3. I will choose a non-Oregon favorite and ride with them all season!

4. I will support the PAC-10 UNLESS they embarrass me!

5. I will admit early that Oregon will lose no more than three games.

6. I  will buy some Oregon stuff for my car!

7. I will attend 3 High School football games.

8. I will excel in fantasy football!

9. I will continue to hate Notre Dame and LSU!

10. I will go to a Bowl game for the first time in 5 years!