Cromatie and LT Spell Irony In New York?

Brian WoodsContributor IIMarch 14, 2010

During the AFC Divisional playoff game, Jets vs. Chargers, Shonn Greene had his best performance of the season.

What a time to have it to, against the San Diego Chargers in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Greene carried the ball 23 times and rushed for 128 yards. He scored a 53-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter, and led the Jets to their first AFC Championship game since 1998.

When he got to the end zone, he did a very familer celebration, it was LT's ball flip.

Well as retribution, then Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie, threw a shoulder at Greene, and landing it. (although maybe not seeing that he hit him before he actually did it).

Not only that for Cromartie. Some say in the Charger organization that he didn't try on the tackle on Greene. That' not really that ironic though.

Anyway flash forward to March 14, 2010, as both Cromartie and Tomlinson are New York Jets. What are the odds that the two Chargers that were involved in the play become teammates of the guy that mocked, pretty much there team.

Well I guess they could be pretty good seeing that the Jets wanted both, but still this is pretty ironic if you ask me.

It probably isn't a big deal or anything. And neither LT or Cromartie probably even remember.

I'm just saying, there are 32 teams in the NFL, Take out the Chargers and there is 31.

What are the odds that the two Charger players involved both physically and mentally in that play both leave San Diego, and wind up on the same team again.(now I'm just being repetitive.)

Anyway I just thought that was an interesting fact, that I thought I would bring to your attention.

Let's hope that there isn't any backlash from this in the Jets locker room.(depending who you root for.)

Not to play favorites or anything but, Go Jets!