Dallas Mavericks: Why signing Gerald Greeen means so much

Taylor GramAnalyst IJuly 9, 2008

Gerald Green was signed in this year's free agency, by the Dallas Mavericks. This pickup can do nothing but seriously improve the team.

See before the Mavs bench was a wreck.

They would have Devean George backing up Howard, or Stackhouse coming of the bench at SF. JJ Berea has backed up Kidd. Sometimes Stack would start at SG and Terry would come in at PG.

Throw Devean George in the mix and Carlisle will put him at SF, SG ,and PF. Brandon Bass is perfect for the PF spot but because of the Kidd trade, he's had to play Center off and on, which is the worst place for him to play because of his size. Juwan Howard has actually for some reason gotten playing time at PF, something that is a total mistake.

But things will change after the signing of Diop and Green. Now they have a solid bench order that Carlisle can trust.

PG                       SG                        SF                     PF                      C

Jason Kidd        Jason Terry           Josh Howard      Dirk Nowitzki   Desagna Diop

JJ Berea          Jerry Stackhouse     Gerald Green     Brandon Bass   Eric Dampier


See how much better that looks? the Mavs will yet again be a dominant Force in the West with Diop back and Green incoming. Gerald Green might not be a great player but he can be a solid role player for a team like the Mavs.