Punk and Crew Interrupt Mysterio and Family's Special Occasion

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2010

As I sit here watching Friday Night Smackdown and Rey Mysterio introducing his family to his extended WWE Universe family and the crowd sings happy b-day to Rey's daughter, but fun time is over when C M Punk, Luke Gallows and Selena interrupted the happy occasion.

Rey motioned his family to go stand in a ring corner. His daughter was actually scared. Punk sang happy birthday to her in a creepy kind of way. He acted very strange.

C M Punk directed his attention to Rey who was standing in front of his family, protecting them in case Punk got too close, in which he did.

We all know that Rey doesn't back away from a challenge, but he did on this particular night. Why? His family was there and he didn't want them in harms way.

Punk kept taunting and tryin 2 get Rey to fight right then and there. He called Rey a coward because he didn't fight with his family standing there.

Punk has turned into something I thought  he would never be, heartless. He acts almost demonic like. Kind of scary and weird. He has cold eyes and no soul. Twisted and evil. He takes his evil ways out on Rey.

He even made a match at WM26 to face Mysterio. I was wondering how Punk would get into WM. Looks like he found a way.

These two have had this rivalry going on for a while now. Ever since Punk turned heel and started his own society that seem to be like misfits, but are knhough, he acts likeown as The Straight Edge Society.

Of course Punk is their "Saviour" in a certain way. You all know that his gimmick is being straight edged which he has always been. Now he more or less acts like Christ.

He does have a good gimmick and nothing wrong with it except he, in my opinion is going a little overboard. He thinks he and his crew are better than anyone else and he proclaims to be almost perfect.

Punk is under the illusion that Rey Mysterio has addictions and that he should be more like him.

Let me take you back to Friday Night. After the first confrontation, Luke Gallows was taking  on Kane. Rey comes out and starts pummeling on Punk. Guess he was trying to show Punk that he isn't afraid or is a coward.

Punk took off up the ramp and didn't go back down where Ray was. Where was Punk's Straight Edged Society? Aren't they supposed to be by his side?