NBA Fantasy: Super Sleepers

David JensenCorrespondent INovember 11, 2007

Icon Sports Media

Every NBA Fantasy owner knows the big names around the league—which means success or failure hinges on your ability to find the overlooked talent.

Here's a peek at some of the brightest lesser-lights around the league...


Antoine Wright

Antoine has all the right stuff, even with the Nets' Big Three all healthy.

We all know that won't last—in fact, Vince Carter sprained his ankle tonight.

Keep an eye on Antoine.


Louis Williams

Allen Iverson's Mini-Me.

Williams can flat-out fill up a stat sheet. He gives Philly the ability to shop Andre Miller to a contender and perhaps pick up a big man.

He also may just flat out win the starting SG slot.


Jose Calderon

The best reserve point guard in the NBA. Calderon could start for a number of NBA teams.


Shawne Williams

This dude can play ball. He's young and prone to trouble, but you should certainly monitor his progress.


Amir Johnson

Mad skills—but unfortunately he plays in a deep Pistons frontcourt.


Jared Dudley

A thin and fragile frontcourt could provide an opportunity in Charlotte.


Andray Blatche

An injury to Antawn Jamison or Brendan Haywood and this guy breaks out.


Brandon Bass

He reminds me of Josh Howard a few years back—not in style of play, but in how his performance demands recognition.


Hilton Armstrong

Has matured greatly in the past year. The Hornets are in good hands if and when Tyson Chandler goes down.


Paul Millsap

This guy would be starting for many teams in the NBA


Ronny Turiaf

Lamar Odom returns from injury and Turiaf takes Luke Walton's starting gig. An A.C. Green kinda guy—big heart and lots of passion.


Francisco Garcia

Played for Reggie Theus in college. If the Kings set their mind to rebuilding, Garcia could find himself playing big minutes.


As far as rookies are concerned, Yi Jianlian, Al Horford and Jeff Green are all sure things. Also keep an eye on the likes of Corey Brewer, Acie Law, Al Thornton, and Mike Conley Jr.

Players like Nick Young and Rodney Stuckey are potential long-shots.