Seahawks Want A New Quarterback?

Pablo AssContributor IMarch 14, 2010

WHAT ARE YOU THINKING PETE CARROL!!!:ok as many of you know the seattle seahawks gave a offer to chargers qb Charlie Whitehurst. According to Sam Whyche he may be our starting quarterback this year. Many Seahawk fans are thinking WHAT THE HECK CARROL!!! I am not a big fan of Matt Hass. personally he disgusts me! But I would rather anyday have Hass. over Whitehurst! Since we dont have a 3rd rounder we would hve to give next years or second round pick for him this year! We would be better off with Wallace as are starter and we gve him up for a 7th round pick next year. And he has proven he can succed in the NFL. Ok so what we should is just Draft a Quarterback like Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Sean Canfeild, Dan LeFevour, Or even Tony Pike. Or wait another draft thanks to Jim Mora for skipping out on Mark Sanchez! So we can select Washington phenomenon Jake Locker.