TNA Vs. WWE: The Pros and Cons

John SandersContributor IMarch 14, 2010

So, TNA or WWE? Which one would you choose at this point? Who honestly stands to put on a better show in the future?


We'll start off with a few comparisons:

TNA Vs. WWE: Program Rating.

On last weeks impact, I saw something I thought I'd never see again in wrestling. If you watched it, you'd know as well. BLOOD, Yes. That's right folks, blood and lots of it. That alone should tell you that TNA has an edge over the WWE in this area because they can, AND WILL allow their wrestlers to take it to the next level if given the chance. Why were we so romanced by the Attitude Era? Because of that and that alone, Wrestling was brought to a whole new level of realism when the WWE didn't have a no tolerance policy on blood, we felt as though the bouts were alot more real, we felt for the wrestlers more.(Although the way it was used on Impact last week was a little staged, you have to give the old timers credit.)

Also, on another note. Swearing, sure it wasn't " F$%#, f%$# s%$# " But it makes you feel as though TNA is out to please the adult viewer, which is a BIG bonus. I mean, can you honestly tell me you'd NOT prefer a show with more violence, and adult language over a show that screams " HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A POOPY HEAD, JOHN CENA!? " Case closed on argument number 1.

Point goes to TNA.


TNA Vs. WWE: Star Power

One could argue that TNA has more star power simply by the fact that Hogan is scooping up nostalgic wrestlers left and right. But a washed up wrestler who used to be popular isn't as good as a hot new wrestler at the top of his game. WWE has just the right mix of new talent, and old blood that gets the formula right. Sure WWE doesn't exactly have a good writing staff when it comes to being able to push a new superstar, but at least you get to see them and thats what counts. Point being?

Point goes to WWE.


TNA Vs. WWE: Knockouts Vs. Divas

If you've ever seen a WWE womens match, its almost as if the WWE doesn't want their Divas to be taken seriously, wether its the girly whining when they are being thrown around, or the constant sexually suggestive moves being thrown around by either party in the match, the WWE makes it hard to respect the fact that women are even on the show. There is alot of talent there(And alot of NO-talents) But the WWE refuses to let their Divas shine. Meanwhile, TNA takes their Knockouts seriously and shows it, I watched a match just last week that lasted 5 minutes and kept my attention better than the longest of WWE divas matches.

Point goes to TNA.


TNA Vs. WWE: Story Angles.

Here is a rather hard one to figure, because you never know whats in the minds of the writers. However, if WWE continues to write such shoddy storylines with plot holes, and Hogan and Bischoff continue to run a dictatorship and attempt to make a new WCW, No one will win.


Point goes to: No one.


In closing I'd just like to say, TNA has alot of potential, and I'm impressed. As a new viewer I was able to grasp the storyline and enjoy the action even though I have no experience of most of the wrestlers there, but on the same note I love the familiar WWE universe. I will continue to support both brands at this point, But in the end you know one will win out. Maybe TNA will be gone next week, maybe it won't ever completely die. Who knows? But that is the fun. I hope you all enjoyed this article and comment on it.