Cristiano Ronaldo To Return To Manchester United Hints Sir Alex Ferguson

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMarch 14, 2010

Sir Alex Ferguson has said that former wizkid of Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, could be tempted back to Old Trafford in the future.

He left the club last summer and went to Real Madrid for a staggering £80 million.

Since he's been there, Ronaldo has shown off his amazing skills, but lately his form, as well as Madrid's form, has not been to their usual high standards.

They crashed out of the UEFA Champions League last week against Lyon.

And now as Ronaldo's dream isn't playing out how he planned it, Ferguson said that he may come back to the north of England.

"I don't think Real Madrid is an easy club to play for - there is a circus attached to it," said Sir Alex.

"He knows the value of Manchester United, and Ruud van Nistelrooy has said the same because what they have here is protection.

"They come to training every day at Carrington and there is no one here but the players and the coaching staff.

"At Real Madrid and some of the big Italian clubs there are 2,000 people watching training.

"The media film the training sessions every day. It is completely private here at United and we don't allow that exposure of our players.

"You'd like to think Ronaldo would want to come back here, but you never know.

"I don't think he will stay at Real Madrid all his life - there are other challenges for him."