Toronto FC Revitalizing the MLS: EPL Players Flock to Canadian Soccer

Danny BrownAnalyst IJuly 9, 2008

Okay, so it's probably been said about a thousand times, with both detractors and supporters, but there's no denying that Toronto FC has revitalized the MLS. Sure, LA Galaxy may have Goldenballs, but let's face it his prime was at least 2 years ago.

No, if you want the reason why the MLS is having a resurgent amount of interest from TV networks, sports networks, and media outlets look no further than the newest franchise—Toronto FC.

Now in its second full year, the club has arguably the most vociferous and best fans in the league. No matter win, lose or draw, the crowd will be singing their hearts out for the Boys in Red.

It also has some of the best non-MLS players currently playing in the league: Laurent Robert, Danny Dichio, Rohan Ricketts. They are all hugely experienced players from the EPL and ones that have added a whole new dimension to Toronto FC's playbook this year.

Add to the mix the huge cross-cultural landscape that is Toronto, with Europeans, Asians, and more, and it's easy to see why the TFC has instilled a fresh impetus into the MLS. Ex-pat Brits living in Toronto are telling their friends and family back home about this team, as are other nationalities.

Additionally, the European sports TV and newspaper networks are wanting to know about this team in Canada that's attracting so many players from the European league. 

 And with an improved team making all the difference on the field as well, the Reds of Toronto FC aren't going anywhere soon.