College FB Power Rankings: Oregon Remains On Top

Mark Scacewater@ScaceH20Analyst INovember 11, 2007

Icon Sports MediaThe streaking Oregon Ducks remain No. 1 in my latest power rankings, with LSU, Mizzou, Oklahoma, and Kansas rounding out the Top Five.

I'm hoping now that we, as a group of fans and journalists, can finally agree on the same Top Five...


1. Oregon Ducks

The offensive machine known as the Oregon Ducks has three games remaining, and will be two-touchdown favorites in all of them.

Up first: Arizona on the road, Thursday night on ESPN. Given the point standings in the BCS, Oregon simply has to win out to play for the national championship.


2. LSU Tigers

A killer schedule, big victories, tough in defeat—this sums up the LSU Tigers.

A big win today, to no one's surprise, will move LSU to No. 1 in the BCS, but I see them having major problems with Oregon's offense. Still, LSU is among the top two teams in college football, with two major tests remaining: Arkansas and most likely Tennessee.


Icon Sports Media3. Missouri Tigers 

I have to say, I'm more impressed with Missouri week by week.

The Tigers got a slight test today from A&M, but stood their ground en route to their usual 40+ points.

Missouri, with Tony Temple, is in my opinion the best team in the Big 12. Of course, there's nothing more to write, because November 24th now becomes the Big 12 semifinals in Kansas City—the Tigers v. the Jayhawks.


4. Oklahoma Sooners

OU beat Mizzou, yet they're ranked behind the Tigers?

You betcha.

OU has been consistent in the win column, but not on the field. Some close victories make me think Mizzou might get them a second time around.

We do know OU is in the Big 12 title game, and the Sooners have a very good shot of making the national championship game if LSU gets knocked off in Atlanta.

QB Sam Bradford has had a nice season. 


5. Kansas Jayhwaks

I'm still not completely sold on the Jayhawks, and view them much the same way I viewed Arizona State: undefeated but untested.

And no, Oklahoma State and Nebraska don't count.

KU's season comes down to their matchup with Mizzou. If they win, they're legit. If they lose, this writer won't be surprised.

Whatever happens, their hefty head man has my vote for Coach of the Year.


Next Five

6. West Virginia

7. Virginia Tech

8. Arizona State

9. Ohio State

10. Georgia