Cable Given Freedom to Draft His Guys

erik molinaContributor IMarch 13, 2010

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 18: Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles hugs head coach Tom Cable of the Oakland Raiders at the end of an NFL game at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on October 18, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Before we dive into Cable's picks, remember he still has to sell it to the man, Al Davis. So lets take a look at what the organization is doing with it's roster. First they show the door to DE G. Ellis, DT G. Warren, WR J. Walker, LB Jon Alston, RB J. Fargas, RT C. Green and are rumored to usher out the likes of LB Sam Willliams, DT W. Joseph, DT T. Sands(I'm adding this one :)).

The usual free agency splash Oakland used to be known for, has now been replaced with retaining and paying each individual the largest money purse for their respective position in the entire league. No wonder they can't afford the FA's. Plus the sour taste of the ridiculous spending spree of a few years ago still lingers from the likes of CB D. Hall, WR Walker, S G. Wilson.

From the tenders they but on their players one could argue they were to high vs the talent in most cases, with the extreme polar cases being DB S. Routt, a 1st and 3rd(huh?) and ILB K. Morrison slap in the face third(You have to look at half a dozen other positions before you can start point fingers at #52.

So now the stage has been set for the 2010 NFL draft, with the exception of a few FA signings still waiting do be done. Michael Vic is still out there. I would not mind bringing on IL and DT just released from the Broncos on a veterans minimum or one yr deals. I also would not mind having TO dressing up in silver and black. He by himself has but up better numbers than our whole receiving corps!

With the number one pick in this years draft Cable picks:

1st Rd) 8th  OT  Anthony Davis Rutgers He got himself a really nice Cadillac!

2nd Rd) 39th  NT  Terrence Cody Alabama   A true NT very much needed!

3rd Rd) 69th  QB  Colt Mcoy  Texas/Tim Tebow  Florida  (if we get QB M. Vick---> OT/G  Vladimir Ducasse  UMass)  If QB JR is not the answer then QB Gradkowski can fill in while these guys get ready.

3rd Rd) 85th  ILB  Sean Lee  Penn State  (if he passes physical-knee injury)  A position since the departure of Morrison.

3rd Rd) 95th   OG  John Jerry Ole Miss  (for Morrison) All we have here are back ups with no starter caliber talent on the O'line.

4th Rd) 103rd  OT  Jason Fox Miami or DT  Lamarr Houston  Texas  Can't loose either way!

From here on let Al pick who he wants. Cable has just built a solid foundation for the future of this team.