Seahawks Future Soaring Offense

Pablo AssContributor IMarch 13, 2010

Jake Locker Report: Jake Locker Qb of The Washington University 6"3 226 Lbs, Locker is being compared by scouts with Steve Young except there are many differences their  skills are twin like. Locker decided to stay for his senior year because: he was afraid the St. Suckish Rams would steal him from the seahawks! And thank god he stayed! Now The Seahawks have a chance to suck real bad which is a 75% chance. I project Seattle will have a Top 3 draft choice next year. (which many seattle fans are praying for and not praying for) Locker will win the Heisman trophy next year no contest and it will be from The Sarks west coast. Seattle also has connections now because Sark was Carrols Offensive Coordinator! And if we take Spiller this year we will have one of the youngest and menecing backfeilds in the history of the game.