Philadelphia Eagles Still Have Multiple Questions to Answer

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2010

As Justin Fargas departed from the NovaCare Complex yesterday Eagles head coach Andy Reid and Newly appointed GM Howie Roseman still have multiple positions of need to fill before the start of Training Camp. Allowing Fargas to to walk out of the building still leaves the void for a backup/compliment to second year man LeSean McCoy.The Eagles still need to find DE Trent Coles compliment on the left side of the line, a strongside Linebacker is needed because Gocong just isn't cutting it anymore and unless Moise Fokou really elevates his game and adds some weight he may struggle. I'm glad the Eagles has signed someone to play Free Safety but I'm not sold on newly acquired DB Marlin Jackson being a prolific player but I really do hope he proves me wrong, and theres also the need at Center...yep I said Center.

 Listen, Nick Cole is a good player, he's about as versitile as they get and I think with some serious time spent practicing the Center position Cole could be really good. He's short at 6'0 but he's half a bus, the guy has girth to him and I say that in the most respectable way possible, what I mean is he has all the tangibles to be a good Center. However,  Cowboys Pro Bowl DT Jay Ratliff had a field day against him and the Eagles face the Cowboys twice a year. If Jamal Jackson isn't ready to go for the start of the season what do the Eagles do?

The Eagles have some depth in terms of manpower behind Jackson but the depth quality is what I question. The Eagles have players like Nick Cole,  Eagles 2007 fourth round pick Mike McGlynn, Dallas Reynolds and newly acquired second year Penn State product A.Q. Shipley, who is the only one of the four mentioned names who is a natural starter at Center. Can a seventh round pick in the 2008 draft (226th overall) become a solid role player at the Center position or who knows...even become a potential starter?

My point in all this is without question the Eagles still have a bunch of holes to fill and I'm not just talking "bodies" for training camp. They need some impact players, instant contributors and at this point the only viable way it seems the Eagles can do so is through trades.

There were rumors out there that the Eagles were high on Vikings DE Ray Edwards and Philadelpia Eagles Tommy Lawlor has Edwards ranked the second best available DE in free agency next to Julius Peppers but I now read on their website that the Eagles are not interested, mainly because of the 1st round tender the Vikings slapped on Edwards. The question that needs to be asked here is this, is a first round pick to much on a DE when it is an obvious position of need to take your team to a new level? Are the Eagles going to use their 1st rd pick on a DE, if so why not trade it for a proven but young veteran...makes sense right? Unfortunately nobody but Andy Reid knows what Andy Reid is thinking and until he makes up his mind we'll all remain in the dark.

The Eagles are relatively loaded with draft picks this year and this draft is rich with talent into easily the third round, possibly even the fourth. With that said I don't think trading out of the first round is a bad thing. In my mind trading out of the first all depends on which players drop in the draft and the Eagles sorta have that luxury sitting at number 24 but Reid has for the most part been a best player available type guy.

Anything is possible at this point and I just like many of you are waiting..hoping for something to be said. Sit tight my friends, with so many needs its only a matter of time before something happens! Keep the faith my fellow fans!