Is The NCAA's APR Really Working In College Football?

Jeff AndreaContributor IMarch 13, 2010

When the NCAA instituted the APR (Academic Progress Report) I thought that the playing field may finally start to even out, no pun intended.  As I wait for Spring ball to start and read of the early recruits for 2011, I'm not really surprised that the APR isn't really working. 

We all want our teams to win but at what cost? If you are a graduate of the University of Florida or University of Oregon are you proud of your University?  Yes, you had a successful 2009 but are your football players going to class? Yesterday, Oregon suspended it's dynamic QB for burglary charges for the entire 2010 season.  During the 2009 season Urban Meyer suspended his star DE for 1 game for being passed out in his car from being so drunk that he fell asleep at a stop light.  1 game?  

These incidents are two of many that go on in the college football world. The Notre Dame's, Navy's, Boston College's, Duke's, Stanford's are doing it right yet you don't see them playing in BCS games.

Go look up the graduation rates of schools who played in the BCS the last 5 years.  Then again, go try and find the graduation rankings on  It's hard to find.... so is the effectiveness of the APR in college football.