NBA: Baron's Bad

Tyler JonesAnalyst IJuly 9, 2008

If you're Baron Davis, be careful what you wish for.

After opting out of the final year of his contract with Golden State, Davis will be going across the bay, taking a pay cut to play for the Clippers. Without Elton Brand. Without Corey Maggette.

Davis left the Warriors in hopes of combining with Brand and Maggette in L.A. giving Davis a quality team that could compete in the Western Conference. As Golden State had to be furious that Davis opted out for less money to go to the Clippers, they made moves at both Brand and Maggette. It's kind of like this:"If you're going to leave this way, then we'll make sure you have nothing to work with where ever you go."

The Warriors did do that by landing Maggette, but Brand was Davis' main desire. Well it seems that will be lost to Philadelphia, as reports come that Brand will sign a long term deal with the 76ers. Many expected Brand to stay in L.A. to play with Davis, but that meant less money and, at that point, most were not aware that the 76ers were even in the picture. The initial conversations were about Brand going to Golden State.

What's interesting, is that Davis had to know this was a strong possibility. Brand is one of the only major players this year on the free agent market and Davis had to know people were going to go after him. Also, he had to know that Golden State was going to do what ever they could to sign somebody away from L.A. considering without Davis they have no major role player, which Maggette can potentially be.

That leaves Davis in L.A. with sub-par performers playing for less than if he stayed with Golden State. Davis' cap room is what opened up things for Maggette, so if Davis stayed we know Maggette probably wouldn't be there. With that said, Davis basically went to a team that's as, if not less, competitive than his former one for lower pay.

So that's the moral, Baron. Be careful what you wish for.