March Madness Predictions (2.0)

Casey CrailCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2010

NEW YORK - MARCH 11:  Greg Monroe #10 of the Georgetown Hoyas reacts after a play against the Syracuse Orange during the quarterfinal of the 2010 NCAA Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden on March 11, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images)
Michael Heiman/Getty Images

With the everyone's favorite sport's playoffs closer then ever, there are lots of thing (unexpected) that could happen.

I know in my first prediction I said Texas had a chance for a run, and now I take that one back. They're not as bad as they hav eplayed since enheriting the number 1 ranking, but there not that good either. I would give them Sweet Sixteen at best.

A team I have always rooted for this season out of the Big East is Georgetown, who appears to be playing the best game of their season. Led by Forward Greg Monroe, the team beat previously #1 Syracuse, and just whooped Marquette who beat Villanova the day before. I am not saying Georgetown has what it takes to be National Champions, but do not be suprised to see them make a run deep into the bracket.

Everyone is talking about Ohio State led by possible front runner for National Player of the Year, Evan Turner. After yesterday's win against Michigan I am not sure if this should convince  me they are good by winning with a clutch shot by Turner, or worried that they could have lost to a Michigan team who was only .500. I do believe that Ohio State should take Syracuse's #1 seed along with Kentucky,  Kansas, and Duke, but I am not convinced they could win it all. I'd say they're Final Four hopefuls.

There is nothing bias in this next prediction, but Temple is a team I can see reaching the Elite Eight. Although at times they are shaky, the team has shown they are the best in the A-10, and could make a run to get to at least the Sweet Sixteen. I believe that if they win the A-10 tournament tomorow they have a chance to get a #4 seed in the tournament, an from there could get deep through the playoffs.

Once again this is not bias, but a team I do not think will go far is Villanova. I do not think that they are good enough. Bottom line. They have no big men, and after an early upset loss to Marquette I believe they will slide down to a #4 seed, and from there they could very well lose to any team with a solid duo of big men. Expect Sweet Sixteen to be the farthest these "Wild" Cats are going.

Last but not least, I will address the Kentucky underclassmen. In my first prediction I stated that they might not get to far, and at this point I am torn between their skill, and their lack of experience. As of right now I persnally think they could win the Championship, but they're not the team I would be placing my money on. Every knows John Wall's superior skill to many of the other guards in the NCAA, but at the same time, everyone should know of his lack of experience compared to many of the tournament's guards. I still am not sure what to expect from them, but I am thinking anywhere from Elite Eight to National Champs.