Wait a Second, Former ECW GM Tiffany Can Actually Wrestle?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMarch 13, 2010

We have seen Tiffany for well over a year, and yet she has only stepped into the ring twice since being on the WWE's main roster. It's obvious that the WWE knew she was pretty and could be good for TV, but she wasn't an experienced wrestler. This is why she never wrestled seemingly.

Tiffany didn't seem to have the talent to go far in the ring, and the only thing going for her was her looks. Which are great to have, but can only get you so far.

She then became Assistant GM on ECW, with Teddy Long as the GM. Then became the full-fledged GM when Teddy left for SmackDown.

It was great to see a person who you'd never expect in this position. Tiffany was now becoming a big-time player in the WWE and she didn't have to wrestle to do it. That's pretty cool to me, but would it last forever?

I always thought this would be her extent, I mean it was unlikely she would ever be a Diva's or Women's Champion and it's unlikely she could actually be the next Trish Stratus.

When ECW went down, people wondered where Tiffany would end up. Most believed SmackDown because of her relationship with Drew McIntyre. For those of you who don't know, the two are engaged in real life.

I would like for them to get those two on TV together sooner or later by the way. I mean why hide something like that, she'd be a great manager.

People figured that she would do a managing role there for Drew, and again, wouldn't wrestle. It was also unlikely that she could be assistant GM again, considering Vickie Guerrero was now there.

And then, just when all hope was lost for her, we actually saw something I thought we'd never see; she actually wrestled a singles match. The first one in her WWE career!

And it was against none other than the WWE Women's Champion, Michelle McCool. She had a great gimmick out there too. You see the sweet girl in the back with a small bit of fire in her, but nothing that would scare people.

Yet when she got out there, there was such intensity, such fire, such star power. She actually put on a great performance, something I never expected from her. She's obviously been training down in FCW.

I've actually seen her stuff there, and yet it was never impressive. But for some reason, she shined when it counted most, which I personally loved. The WWE gave her the chance to go out there and have a great debut.

She ended up winning by DQ because of Guerrero's outside interference, and then McCool got somewhat of an upper hand before Beth Phoenix came out to save the day.

I cannot tell you enough how much I was impressed with Tiffany. The person I once considered nothing but eye candy was now a person I could legitimately see as a future champion.

I loved the entire thing. She made no mistakes out there, never missed a punch, never missed a kick. All the moves she was set to do were done, and done to perfection. I haven't seen a singles debut that impressive in some time for a Diva like this.

She reminds me a lot of Trish Stratus. Some of you are going to hate that I even put her in the same sentence, but it's true. Remember when Trish came into the WWE?

Trish was not the best performer out there, she made a ton of mistakes. And was probably the worst wrestler in the company for a while. This is why she managed more than wrestled for a while. Yet, she improved. And became, in my opinion, the best WWE Diva of all time.

If Tiffany keeps up with her improvement, I could see her up there as one of the best of all time with Trish. She has everything going for her. We know she has the look, and she is getting better on the mic, and as we saw, better in the ring too.

I know that I may be jumping the gun here. But I can see Tiffany as a champion easily within a year or two. That is only if she keeps up with the improvement though.

If she suddenly doesn't get TV time or starts sucking in the ring again, then I'd have to retract my statement. But, as of now, she is one of the better young Divas in the WWE right now.

But what do you think, were you impressed with Tiffany's SmackDown debut? Or do you think it was just another lame debut?