West Virginia Football: The Last Word on Rich Rodriguez

Frank AhrensSenior Writer IJuly 9, 2008

I'm going to make this short and sweet because I'm as sick of writing about Rich Rodriguez as you are reading about him.

Today, West Virginia and Michigan media are reporting that Rodriguez has agreed to pay the $4 million buyout payment he owes WVU for skipping out on his contract to bolt to Michigan last year.

Details are still to be worked out—how much Rodriguez will pay, how much Michigan will pay, when they will pay and so on.

I don't care about any of that.

What I care about is that WVU has been thoroughly vindicated and proven to be in the right in this matter, as WVU fans felt all along.

The case was simple: Rodriguez signed a contract that said WVU was owed $4 million if he left of his own volition before the contract expired.  He left of his own volition; he owed the money.  Case closed.

No amount of dissembling on his part—"I didn't understand what I was signing," (Cracka, please!)—would sway level-headed mediators or WVU lawyers who were on the side of right.

Final score: WVU 4 million, Rodriguez 0.

Now, WVU can finally move on.  Bring on the 2008 season and the fleet-footed wonder that is Pat White.