Shawn Vs Undertaker: What Now??

Damion ClaytonContributor IMarch 12, 2010

Ok so this is my first article. Anyway, I was reading about the upcoming HBK vs Undertaker Match Part II and so many people thought that it was going to end with Undertaker still winning but getting pinned or something along that line. I just find it funny that the WWE predicted that people would think of that and made the stipulations to have a "only way to win is by pinfall or submission" match-up.


Ok so after that this is what i think will happen; I personally think Mike's career is over for now. Not because of the big streak but because of the rumors going around that HBK wants to be with his family more and less work time. If any man was to end the streak I personally think that it would've been HBK mainly because of the history the two have. I just hope that HBK and Undertaker enjoy this upcoming match just like we all want to.