Hank Baskett to Return to Philadelphia: Gee, Thanks Eagles

Joe MintzerCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 27:  Hank Baskett #84 of the Philadelphia Eagles walks on the field during the game against the Arizona Cardinals at Lincoln Financial Field on November 27, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by: Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Hank Baskett is set to sign with the Eagles. This amazing wide receiver will undoubtedly change the Eagles' entire offense. His great hands and incredible football smarts will be great for this team.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm being sarcastic.

In his first stint with the Eagles, Baskett was a frustrating player to watch. He had the size, speed, and athleticism of a true No. 1 receiver, but his hands were always a question.

He did have some good moments throughout his career in Philly. He recorded three touchdowns of 87 yards or more. Those touchdowns couldn't keep him in Philly though.

Baskett was traded to the Colts before the 2009-10 NFL season. His fate was sealed when he dropped a touchdown pass against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the preseason. To add insult to injury, the NFL used footage of that drop in a commercial for Red Zone, saying that without it you could end up missing every touchdown.

Things didn't get better for Hank in Indianapolis. He recorded just five receptions during the regular season.

The worst part of Baskett's career came in the Super Bowl. After halftime, the Saints kicked an onside kick. The ball bounced towards Baskett. He reached out, ready to grab the ball. He didn't. The ball was recovered by New Orleans. This kick gave all the momentum to New Orleans and propelled them to a win over the Saints.

To make things worse, Baskett's wife Kendra was seen leaving the stadium in tears.

So what is the point of this signing? I, honestly, have no idea.

He can't catch in traffic. Wide receivers need to catch in traffic. We all know that he can't recover onside kicks.

This is just another example of how unpredictable and mysterious the Eagles' front office is.