Florida Weather Claims Victory In Several Grapefruit League Games

Douglas ChuramanCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2010

     Those who follow baseball or reside in central Florida are well aware of the recent weather troubles. Thursday and Friday have seen constant rainfall and as a result, several Spring Training Games. Eight to be more specific and the current weather forecast threatens games still to be played today. This weather presents problems for both fans and athletes. Personally, I was much looking forward to merely watching the games on television, so understandably, those who purchased tickets must be upset.

     Although this is a setback for the players, among them, the pitchers suffer the most. while teams can simulate games amongst themselves, those simulated games never offer that "X-Factor" a live game presents. Position players can get their work in via the batting cages and fielding ground balls during periods of favorable weather, however pitchers do not and simply cannot enjoy this luxury. During this point in preparing for the regular season, pitchers rely on these Spring Training games to build up arm strength and work on their delivery to live batters of opposing teams who are working to learn about opposing pitchers. Of course, teammates due not have this motivation in simulated games and therefore cannot provide pitchers with the same feedback they thrive on from opposing batters in an attempt to evaluate their stuff.

     Tomorrow I will be traveling to Tampa, FL to cover the Orioles/Yankees game in person and enjoy watching my team perform and ready themselves to defend their Championship title during the 2010 season. I can only refresh the weather channel and hope that the rain stays at bay and does not cancel Saturday's game. Hopefully tomorrow you will be reading my recap and analysis of the game. Current forecasts assume that there will be a low chance of rainfall for Saturday, predicting partially overcast skies.