"Who To Blame Beltran, Reyes, Doctors, Mets Management", Or The Agents?

Keith BennettCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2010

 This Met mess who is to blame for this madness. Beltran started it first by not telling mets management he having surgery on knee. I believe Beltran agent had a lot to do with this. Boras is the top baseball agent in the game. He was abusing his power as a agent. In the past agents would not think of doing this to teams. Players want a speedy recovery from injury. It seem like it back fire on them. They should wait it out til heal. Now Reyes has a overactive thyroid. Speculation that the cause could have been"dietary-or a virus. This is what doctors, Mets, and Peter Greenberg Reyes agent said. And the HGH - speculation fueled by the fact that Reyes was treated by Dr. Anthony Galea, the Canadian doctor who is under investigation after being charged with conspiring to smuggle HGH and the drug Actovegin into the U.S. Reyes told the FBI that he did not obtain HGH from Galea, that he saw him only for blood-spinning treatment to try to help his recovery last season from the hamstring tendon injury that eventually required surgery. K-Rod. Beltran, and Tiger Woods went to same doctor to get well fast. Is it possible Jose Reyes use this stuff? Reyes said no to the Feds. But now hehas another health problem. Then the Mets said Reyes thyroid problem is minor. 2 to 8 weeks is not minor. Mets fans want a good year. Who to believe Mets fans?