Baron Davis: How to Screw Your Career in Seven Days

Ron GloverSenior Analyst IJuly 9, 2008

It took all of one week for Baron Davis to feel the Clipper Blues.

When he returned to his native Los Angeles to sign with the Clippers for five years and $65 million, there was the expectation of pairing up with Elton Brand and possibly Corey Maggette and making a title run for L.A.'s second team.

Now there's nothing to look forward to. No talk of a title run, and the playoffs?


With Brand agreeing to a deal with Philadelphia and Maggette headed to Golden State, Davis is left with the fallout. The Clippers have rookies Eric Gordon and DeAndre Jordan, second-year player Al Thornton, and an emerging star in Chris Kaman,

It's something to work with—but nowhere near the work Davis had envisioned.

While Philadelphia now aims to make waves in the East and the Warriors still look competitive out West, it's going to be the same 'ol song for the Clippers.

No one could blame Davis if he would've re-signed with the Warriors. He would have had the bulk of last year's team intact, and a better shot at the postseason.

More money, less problems.

Instead, his dream scenario of returning home and turning the Clippers around turned out to be nothing more than a mirage.

Less money, more problems.