Ohio State Upset by Illinois, Which Makes Me Say O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D

Mark Scacewater@ScaceH20Analyst INovember 10, 2007

IconTo all my loyal readers and haters on BR, I just need to nicely say, "I told you so."

All season, I have pumped up Oregon—and anyone other than Ohio State—for the national title game. Amazingly enough, my two-month-old prediction is now three weeks from fruition.

All that stands between Oregon and the BCS National Championship game are road trips to Arizona and UCLA, and the famous Civil War when they will host Oregon State.

I find it truly hilarious how readers have blasted my predictions all season, and here we are three weeks away from my words becoming true.

I was in Knoxville today to catch the Arkansas-Tennessee tilt, which Tennessee dominated. After the game, I came across an interesting scene.

While at an unnamed sports restaurant, I found myself standing next to 10 Illinois fans, and we quickly bonded due to our common hatred for Ohio State, high-fiving after every Jucie Williams first down, truly good times.

The clock ran out, Ohio State lost, and now LSU and Oregon will move up to fill in the top two spots in the BCS.

But let's take a moment to consider how weak the Big Ten is.

Icon Sports MediaOhio State is nothing special, as I have claimed all season. It was never more evident than today, when Illinois held a two-touchdown lead for parts of the game—yes, unranked Illinois.

Props to Ron Zook, who has evidently learned how to coach since his horrendous tenure at Florida.

All Oregon fans will now accept Zook as a native son, and should Oregon win the BCS title this season, Zook will have every Oregon fan's vote for coach of the year.

Wisconsin beat Michigan, who somehow was ranked 12th, despite being beaten by Oregon and App. State.

Minnesota lost to a non-D-1 team a few weeks ago, and Iowa narrowly defeated Northwestern today.

Let's face reality: the Big Ten is awful, boring, and pathetic this season. With the exception of Illinois' Juice Williams throwing and running all over the field, the Big Ten is simply a big disappointment.