MS Dhoni, Is Playing for Your Country Really So Tiring?

kartik deoContributor IJuly 9, 2008

India's T20 one-day captain and test vice-captain MS Dhoni recently complained of too much cricket being played.

I sincerely like his captaincy, but never before have I heard someone complain about this.

I always thought that serving one’s country was a privilege in itself. In India so many youngsters struggle every day to get a place in the national side and Dhoni is blessed enough that not only is he on the team, but he is also the captain. And then he complains about being tired!

Why didn't this fatigue arise when he was playing back-to-back games in the cash rich IPL? I fear this to be one of the major drawbacks of the IPL, because the IPL will always coincide with the offseason in Indian Cricket and the captains of most of the teams are Indians.

Should the Indians know about the lenient policies of the BCCI, everyone will start complaining about fatigue and ultimately it will be India A vs. Sri Lanka!  The senior cricketers on the other hand are striving hard for a comeback and never do they complain of any fatigue, do they?

Learn something from them Dhoni and Co...