Todd Lickliter to Resign?

Jonah PulsCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2010

Rumors had just starting coming out a few hours ago, via KCJJ, that Todd Lickliter is going to step down as the Iowa Men's Basketball coach. He has a record of 38-58 in his three seasons as head coach.

If this rumor is true, it will not shock me. He has continually showed that he cannot succeed at the University of Iowa. Over his three years he has lost many players due to them transferring. All that lead to the extremely woeful season they experienced this year with a record of 10-22, and a first round loss in the Big Ten Tournament against Michigan.

As sad as it may sound, many fans are rejoicing this news. They are tired of his horrible coaching, such as him playing his under-sized, under-talented son, John Lickliter. Rumors have also stirred up that John will be leaving Iowa as well.

To contribute to this news KCJJ is reporting, "Inside sources close to the situation tell KCJJ that two threatened player defections lead to Todd Lickliter leaving Iowa basketball team."

What does that say about the program?

I took some good time and thought about this. To me, it is exhibiting that the players on this team are running the program. You can't give into the players demands. It will only lead to continual failure in the program. Even if they lost some players, it would be better for their program. They need players that are loyal to the coach and the program, not ones who only care about themselves.

In my opinion, Lickliter will most likely not be here next year, and I believe it will be a step in the right direction for the Iowa Hawkeyes. The Hawk fans out there will take whatever they can get to hopefully turn this program around.