Losing One Win Shy of Making the Field: At-Large Chances Done? Not Quite

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2010

Entering championship week, there were about 20 teams fighting for the final eight spots. Realistically, all these teams needed a win to either get into the field or ensure their spot, however not all of them could win out. 

If you're a fan of Seton Hall, Memphis, UAB, and USF I feel for you—it's tough.

I bet you're thinking, "Is there any way we can miraculosly still make it?"

All that work, coming so close. Was it all for nothing? 

It may have been all for nothing at the current moment, but here is why you should still have hope.

Seton Hall lost their biggest game in the past four seasons to Notre Dame on Wednesday, which if they won, would have put them in the field. The result of losing put them a few spots back, but they still remain a "last four in" team.

So that's it right? Nope. Even though Seton Hall is currently out, it depends on what the other bubble teams do in their next games. This applies for Memphis' situation as well as UAB, USF, and all the other bubble teams that will be ending their seasons one win shy of making the field. 

Here is a look of the next games for the "last four in" teams:

Illinois plays Wisconsin on Friday at 2:25 p.m. That looks to be a loss for the Illini.

Washington plays Oregon State tonight. That should be a win for the Huskies.

Arizona State plays Stanford. That game can go either way.

San Diego is leading Colorado state 25-22 with 6:27 remaining in the first half. Anything can happen there.

So you can see that if these "last four in" teams lose just as your team has, things can change.

We saw this today when Memphis, who was a "last four in" team, lost to Houston 66-65. Washington, who was idle, was pushed into the field after being a "first four out" team. 

Keep hoping that these bubble teams can lose just like your team did, and you never know, maybe your team can find itself a place in the field.