SF Giants and MLB Realignment

john jacobContributor IMarch 11, 2010

So where does leave that your San Francisco Giants?

First, let’s take a look at the NL West.  I believe no major changes would take place under the new system because the NL West is the most evenly competitive division in baseball.  No one team has been truly dominant in recent history.  However, I do believe a team, such as the Milwaukee Brewers, would want to be in this division in order to avoid the elite team in their league, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Under this system, the Giants would not only have to deal with the rival Dodgers and the up-and-coming Rockies, but also Fielder, Braun, and the rest of the Brewers.  It would spell trouble for the Giants as they would have to work even harder to win the crown they have not won since the 2003 season.

For the San Francisco Giants, MLB’s radical realignment would really hinder its goal of reaching the playoffs every year, with new contenders trying to get in to the NL West to seek its crown.  If the Giants organization had a vote in such matter, I hope they would see the larger picture and vote against it. 

If the proposed realignment becomes a reality, Sabean and the Giants better gear up for some intense competition in the coming years.  The Giants organization would have to come up big in free agency and trades in order to be a perennial contender in the ever-changing NL West.