Mild Offseason Moves: Marlin Jackson Set to Visit Philadelphia Tomorrow

Anti RavisContributor IMarch 9, 2010

The NFL offseason is in full swing for the Chicago Bears, but it sure has been quiet in Philadelphia. Sure, the Eagles announced key signings for veteran receiver Jason Avant and made Leonard Weaver the highest paid fullback in the league, but for all of the speculation surrounding this team in the days leading up to March 5th (not to say we didn’t have fun with it, ourselves) it gave everyone who follows this team an uneasy feeling of missed opportunity as we watched the Eagles Front Office maintain their characteristically quiet discipline. It hasn’t really been the league-wide, out-of-control Supermarket Sweep style spending spree that some expected in the league’s first uncapped year since 1993, but it was interesting to see a player of Nate Burleson’s caliber reel in a $25 million contract. When notice arrived that the Eagles had garnered a sixth round pick in exchange for receiver Reggie Brown, it seemed pretty clear that the free agent market had been so considerably narrowed by the implications of this uncapped season that even trade values were being elevated.

Colts corner Marlin Jackson will be at the Novacare Complex tomorrow and despite the fact that he has a visit scheduled with the New York Jets, the Eagles are expected to announce his signing at 11:00 am provided he pass a physical. While I’m intrigued by Jackson, and it’s been mentioned that he is a candidate to play safety, the ACL tear that he suffered in 2008 has to give any team pause. His last year in Indianapolis hasn’t given anyone a real idea of how he will recover from that kind of injury but he is a former first round pick who possesses good size and speed for the position.