Mailbag Question: Regarding McGuffie

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Mailbag Question: Regarding McGuffie
Hey Guys,

What are the chances that McGuffie could win the starting job come August 30th...He's a really hard worker and fits this offense the best. I like what he could do in the spread along with Brandon Minor...I think Grady's chances of making an impact have dropped slightly...What about Brown in the slot then?



Thanks for the question. It could depend on how much two or max back sets Michigan uses. The more max back Michigan uses the better chance that one of the freshmen will see meaningful playing time.

The next issue will be how fast the freshmen pick up the offense. Shaw has experience running similar schemes and that could help him. Next issue is who picks up pass protection. Minor and Grady have experience-protecting passer that none of the freshmen do at this time. Watching practice and scrimmage this spring you realize Michigan’s offensive staff will not tolerate missed assignments and not blocking.

We have a difficult time believing if healthy, that any one will beat out Minor as starting running back. He has entire spring under his belt and additional time working with Coach Barwis. I really doubt any one will out work him. He looked outstanding this spring, quicker, faster, stronger, and better overall conditioned.
Carlos Brown's position will depend in our opinion on which freshmen perform the best. If Odoms, T-Rob, and Shaw are doing great job at slot receiver, C. Brown can help at running back. If Shaw and McGuffie do well at running back and slots are slower to develop, C. Brown can help there. C. Brown's injuries this spring make it difficult to project his improvement and where he might fit best. Early on he was being used at both slot and running back trying to find his best fit.

written by CoachBt and Erocwolverine

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