But Your Honor.. I Didn't MEAN To Wreck Him That Hard!

Gordon stewartContributor IMarch 11, 2010

Carl Edwards is a nice guy. An excellent guy really. And an incredibly talented race car driver. But wrecking fellow racer Brad Keselowski last weekend on NASCAR’S fastest track, down by over 150 laps was stupid. It was also disrespectful to his other competitors, AND the fans that fill those seats. You know the seats I am talking about. The ones ON THE FENCE!! Guy’s crashing one another is nothing new. In fact there have ben WORSE intentional bumps..nudges. But you don’t threaten to get even with a guy on NETWORK TV….and the actually DO it! Forget about which driver you support, or who you like better than the other, Carl Edwards was wrong for doing that…and I think he COULD have been liable for more than just the slap on the wrist that NASCAR gave him…had that wreck injured or killed Keselowski…another racer OR a fan… Carl Edwards would be in bigger trouble than he ever thought possible. And his Co-Defendant could have been Brian France! That’s right, NASCAR CEO and President Brian France. Afterall when NASCAR proclaimed that they were “encouraging” racers to mix it up…the sanctioning body opened the door to a place none of them planned to go.  In the interest of time…MY time here, I am going to come back to this later today…and add, and make sense of what made NO sense at all last week. Someone WILL die if NASCAR doesn’t step in, and step UP to the responsibility that IS….regulating these AVOIDABLE incidents on their tracks. If ratings were the intentions behind adding the paint trading element…ala, mixing it up… I guess a historic monumetal court case would get you all the ratings…you “Didn’t” want. And More….

Sincerely, and without apologies..

 Gordon “Lug Nutzz” Stewart